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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month April 2016

Every month Art Jewelry Elements blog contributors participate together to make something with one of the artists "Component of the Month".
April 2016 was this handmade Amulet by my friend Jenny Davies-Reazor.
 Jenny and I were at Bead Fest April right next to each other, so when I saw she had a few of these available, I just had to have one!
 I have been a bit obsessed with small hanging vessels for a couple of years now and have graduated to getting a "Now That's a Jig" for making some really interesting wire forms to suspend pieces with.
 I knew that I wanted this piece of Jenny's to be out where I could see it every day.
I just LOVE the spirals and swirls. It is like being taken into swirls and spirals of water by a rocky coast - just falling deep into the meditation that it brings to mind.
 I used Dark Anodized Steel Wire (sealed with some Renaissance Wax to keep it from rusting) and made this decided upon steel form. I then cut a long length of the 20ga wire to attach the amulet.
 This is what it looks like finished and ready to use.
 I am a collector of seed pods and dried garden blooms. So I added some to the amulet to hold some of the memories of those seasons now passed - time spent exploring the garden with my little kids.
And for now, it graces my working area of my bench along with another swirl steel holder waiting for another vessel to join it. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holidays Are Upon Us - Hooray!!!

Love My Art Jewelry Black Friday Sale

This time of the year is such a busy time for most people with the holidays coming up.
In our house both of my little ones have December birthdays - so we have at least two added formal family parties to throw in addition to Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

And that is not including all of the family gatherings going on to prepare for those events.

I love all of it to tell you the truth - lots of food, drink, stress and laughter to keep that stress at bay and help each other out! And I love being here within driving distance to most of my family.
It makes the holidays just that much more memorable!

Speaking of holidays...

Holiday shopping and crafts are upon us!

If you are looking to grab a great handmade item for a gift, for yourself, or for a project - you should jump over to the Love My Art Jewelry Blog on 11/29/13 (Black Friday) and click around through the links there to see all kinds of handmade artists and their shops - running promotions and possibly a sale!

I'm a blog contributor over there and I really LOVE to organize ways for people to jump to one place and see all kinds of really great handmade items. And if you've heard the hype and the uproar from many artists - Etsy is no longer that artist, maker handmade site it started out promoting.

And with their site searches in the last couple of years - it is just about IMPOSSIBLE to find real, actual handmade. That is the point that really stresses me out - that a buyer cannot find the real handmade items! Check out my posts on Love My Art Jewelry about it.

So I'm on a personal mission to help promote handmade however I can through Etsy Teams!
Check out the First Friday Art Walk team and the Delaware Etsy Street Team where we are also helping to promote handmade, vintage and supplies to make handmade items!

And don't forget to follow my new blog as I am posting over there (a Wordpress blog) more regularly.

PS - I have an ETSY SHOP SALE going on RIGHT NOW too!
Items are already marked down on sale (and my MarshaNealStudio Facebook Followers have a coupon code to use all the time).

Friday, May 3, 2013

Art Loop First Friday May 2013

Marsha Neal Studio Small Scale Terrarium Sculptures
And over on AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) blog, it's First Friday Art Walk Weekend!
First Friday Art Walk Weekend
Make sure to check out all the really cool art work offered by Etsians through this monthly blog hop event!
Location Teams (like the Delaware Etsy Street Team), Theme Teams, and the AWETeam.

PS - I only post here to remind you to hop over to my new blog.
This one just has lots of links established...

Happy First Friday!
Hope you get out and see some Art this weekend!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Just wanted to quick post on this blog that I'm using my Wordpress Blog more now, and check it out for some recent posts...
Bead Fest Philly:

D7 Studio 2013 schedule (where you can find my work here in the Northeast US at bead shows):

And in just a few hours, we are going to support my sister and her fight with MS by walking on her team "MS Informed" for the MS Walk here in Wilmington, DE.

Here is a link to my page for her team:

A huge Thank You to everyone donating and sending their prayers and thoughts for a cure for this paralyzing disease!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! And if you are in the mid Atlantic US tonight, around midnight, see if you can go out and see the aurora borealis!