Friday, February 22, 2013

Starting The Move To WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, I started to set up a self hosted WordPress Blog for Marsha Neal Studio.

The plan is to streamline EVERYTHING for me and get my "brand" cohesive.

It's a lot of work trying to figure it all out, but I think I'll be really happy I made the move (after a few years of thinking about it).

With my new line of work starting to emerge, I think this is the perfect time to transition.

And once I get brave enough, I'm going to use a plug-in over there that is supposed to import all the posts from this blogger blog over there to my WP blog.

This is just one of the ten balls I have up in the air right now!
How has your 2013 been so far?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Etsy Shop Update Saturday Evening

I've been working hard on getting new work made, photographed, edited, listings created, and so much more for this Etsy Shop Update at 7pm EST tonight 2/2/13. 
And I'm pretty excited about launching this new line of work.
Terrarium Ceramic Mushrooms Sculptures Marsha Neal Studio
Terrarium Ceramic Sculptures Marsha Neal Studio
Terrarium Bird Nest Sculpture Marsha Neal Studio
Terrarium Tendril Sculptures Marsha Neal Studio
Textured Finger Bowls Marsha Neal Studio
Small Ring Holder Marsha Neal Studio
Textured Rustic Ceramic Discs Marsha Neal Studio
Spiral Ceramic Shards Marsha Neal Studio
I am so excited at how this new line will grow and develop as I work through the mountains of ideas that these forms and colors are creating.

By the way - if you purchase something, and go back for more - while I have your item in house (orders will most likely be packed up by Monday 2/4/13), and have already paid for shipping, use checkout coupon code FREESHIP to avoid excessive shipping fees.
If you pay by direct checkout - this is especially important as I cannot credit your account for the excess fees. I can only send credits back via PayPal.