Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy as a Bee (but Really?)

Do you ever have those times where you feel like you are SO busy, but nothing seems to get done? Well, I've been having some of those days recently - like every day since I got back from our short vacation last week.

I think it is because I've got a lot of new stuff in the works and because the rest of my time is spent with Chloe. She is just so much fun. I just can't help it... she is developing such a personality. Dave and I were talking about how much we just want her with us all the time. And that when she isn't here (like when she is napping quietly upstairs) that something is missing. I guess you can say she's got us wrapped around her finger.

I've been spending most of my working time getting pieces glazed for orders and a trunk show next week at Reed's Beads in Ambler, PA.

My new work will be mostly limited edition. I find that if I limit myself, I get more done. With an obsessive personality, things get exponentially out of control with me. New glaze colors, new objects, new shapes - all in the works!

Ohhh, and my friend Kim (Aspenwear) and I are working on some Marsha Neal Studio apparel (scarves for us grown ups and then some cute infant wear). I am hoping to have some of the scarves with me at the trunk show next week. They should also be at my bead show tables soon after.

I'll be posting pictures and notices as things finally come together. Got to get all these little steps done to get to the top of the mountain.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Again

Ah, to be home again...
We have just arrived home from our offical first Disney trip with Chloe. We had such a wonderful time with her and our family that were also along.
I know that a lot of people out there aren't thrilled with Disney as a whole, but I have nothing but great memories from vacations going there throughout my childhood. Maybe it's me, and Dave would probably say it is me.... but I get all teary and sentimentally weepy whenever I hear music that reminds me of Disney and walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.
We got some great memories and pictures of the trip, but until we find the camera, Chloe's website will have to wait to be updated. I'm trying to convince Dave that a picture of her and bathtub poo (little brown turds in tub - guess she had to go, and I of course got the camera while Dave tried to keep her from playing with it...) would be really funny to have on her site.
Chloe got her first Disney stuffed animal from Aunt April - a purple heffalump. She loves it and sleeps with it every night and throws it around every day as she plays and talks to it. She also got some cute onesies, sweaters, and a sun hat from the trip and some other goodies...
And after being around so many other children and crowds of people, she has taken to speaking in louder tones. She is quite the outgoing baby. Dave and I are exhausted to say the least. We had such a great time getting away from the regular rigamarole around here and concentrating only on Chloe and being with family - it was the most memorable vacation yet! Now if I could only catch up on sleep to get enough brain function to remember it all. Thank goodness for pictures!
Hope all is well with everyone! Marsha Neal Studio updates will hopefully be arriving in the next week or so! Thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Brother

I'm so excited for my brother (Nick Yarrusso). He has just had an article about him published in a local paper on his being a stunt bike rider: http://www.sparkweekly.com (also the title of this blog is a link to the actual page.

It's something that I'm always amazed with - especially since he was always getting bumps and bruises and scraped knees & elbows - that he is balanced enough to really be good at what he does.

He even has a website: http://www.gsenick.com

I remember when he was little (we're 7 years apart) we always used to tell him "watch out Nick" " don't hit that wall Nick". And he was always on the go. When he was a toddler, he had this horse attached by springs to a metal frame - called "clip-clop" and he used to bounce on that poor thing so much that he could get it to move all the way across the room just by bouncing momentum. I think there is a picture somewhere of him in mid-bounce with his little bowl cut hair sticking straight up and out in every direction.

Anyway.... just bragging about my little brother...