About Marsha

Here is a photo I took of myself in my studio in January 2013.
I'm not all that thrilled to be in front of a camera.
Heck, I rarely even look in the mirror other than to brush my teeth or just quick glance to make sure my selection of layered t-shirts are lined up ok. And not that having a 3 and 5 year old running around leaves much time for primping.

By formal training I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology, concentrating in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Delaware (2000).
I also have a Masters in Art in Ceramics from UD (2001).

And even though I work from home in my basement studio, I am very much a social person, and would one day love to open an art studio where artists could come to give workshops and stay for periods of time to work on their art, then have a gallery space to host an open house, meet the artists receptions, and a place to photograph artwork for sale online and to also have it for sale for people that are shopping there in person.

For now, if you ask me "what I do" I would say that I am a ceramic artist.
I make small ceramic components and beads for other artists to use in their artwork.
Most of my customers are jewelry designers, but surely there are limitless possibilities with what one could do with these little bits.

And I sell my work primarily through my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop.
I wish I could keep my Marsha Neal Studio Website updated better (I have a whole artful design in mind for that, but my husband may actually change the locks to the house on me if I don't decide for certain, as he is technologically inclined to make it more "functional" for me).

You can find a selection bead and pendant work through:
My friend Darlene that travels to bead shows in the North East US.

My friend Nikki, a glass bead maker, that I am collaborating with for my new line of terrarium sculptures, has some of my newer bead sets in earring kits at her bead show tables.

A small art and craft gallery in Wilmington, DE where I have a case of finished jewelry (earrings, pendants, bracelets, and some other odd items). 
*May 3, 2013 Marsha Neal Studio will be at Bellefonte Arts Gallery for the Wilmington Art Loop featuring new Ceramic Terrarium Sculptures.

In addition to my ceramic work and time with my family,
I spend a good deal of time volunteering for:
New Castle County Master Gardeners (since 2011)
Captain of the Delaware Etsy Street Team on Etsy.com (Captain since 2011)
Captain of the AWETeam: First Friday Art Walk Weekend Team on Etsy.com (Captain since 2013)
Member and blog contributor to Beads of Clay Blog (member since 2004-2012)
Blog contributor to Love My Art Jewelry Blog (since 2013)

You can say I don't like to sit still much.