Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sale Update and Giveaway Winners!

Over in my Etsy shop I have extended my "Cyber Sale" to go through Friday 11/30/12.
Items are already marked down to their sale prices.
There is also another impromptu drawing over on my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook Page:

It is going on through Midnight tonight EST (11/27/12).

My insomniac self joked with another bead friend night owl about running a "night owl giveaway" (but alas, I fell asleep before getting it all going). So today, I decided to run another one.

Seriously Dave says I would be happy giving stuff away - and he is absolutely Right!

I feel so fortunate to be able to have this as my job right now, and love my "job".
If I can share something for practically nothing - and get SO much more in return.
Not only from the marketing side of things, but also from the side of I get to know people better and get the opportunity to connect and network with a great group of people that also like to make their own kind of art (albeit the bead and jewelry making kind of art - which is super awesome in my opinion).

Who doesn't like to wear something handmade?
Handmade has such a great story to it.
Using handmade components has a bit of the artist that made them in it.
Their story...
Then the jewelry designer adds their touch - their story...
Adds to the history of the piece.
These things are treasured. These memories last.

Something I find very valuable...
So. I'm off to go pull and pack orders and think of where all my little bead treasures are heading off to.

Oh, and darn. Got all into my romantic "handmade stuff is awesome" mode.

The Winners!

And my matching the 2mm Silk Knot Bundles offered over on LMAJ for anyone purchasing listings in my Etsy shop (picked over on Random.org from total listings sold during this entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE):

Staci L! Congrats!!!
I'll send you an Etsy convo to see what other 2mm silk knot bundle you want in with your shipment!

Congrats to all my FB commenter winners too!
Make sure to stop by and tell me about your favorite Winter Holiday Thing or Tradition!
Sorry I can't comment until it closes - I don't want to throw off the commenting numbers for the drawing later tonight!
But I tell you what - you are making me all teary (such great things over there!)
I love this time of the year!

The kids make it the best (even the "not your own kids" out there).

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Giveaway Frenzy!

It's such a rush to be able to snatch up SO many awesome handmade items - and ON SALE!!!
And Giveaways! WOW the giveaways are overflowing...
1. Anyone purchasing from my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop today - each listing you purchase gets you entered to win one of these:
Marsha Neal Studio (10 strand) 2mm Silk Knot Bundle

So here is where you can get some action on Marsha Neal Studio Giveaways!
I have already given away this (it was doubled up to a 10 piece knot because she also made a purchase from my Etsy shop today!)
Mom's Traditional Christmas Color Palette Half Bundle (5 strands) Marsha Neal Studio
Winners are picked by the random generator - so easy to use!
This is the current giveaway on my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook Page (ends at 4:30pm EST).
Autumn Leaf Silk Knot Bundle Marsha Neal Studio
And all that you have to do is:
Heart items from my Etsy shop, Pin items from my Etsy shop, Share this socially, whatever you want that helps promote my items - then comment on the post on my Marsha Neal Studio FB page with every action you do until it closes at 4:30pm EST.

No worries - I'll be having more giveaways through the night tonight!
And yes - if you have purchased something in my Etsy shop TODAY and you happen to win one of those bonus giveaways on my FB page, then I'm going to sweeten your winnings (either by doubling the giveaway item, or something fun like that!). 
Don't forget to use coupon code: ETSYCYBER for an extra 10% off your order (on top of the already 10% to 60% marked down price).

OTHER PLACES TO FIND Marsha Neal Studio Giveaways That end today 11/26/12:
Click on the links under each of the following photos to go directly to that blog.
Love My Art Jewelry Blog (handmade components and handmade jewelry)
These Beads of Clay Posts just require that you help share the promotion socially
(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) then comment on the post you want to be entered to win.
They all END tonight! 11/26/12
Beads of Clay Blog (me and my clay bead friends!)
Beads of Clay Thanksgiving Preview Post
Beads of Clay Black Friday Post
Beads of Clay Small Business Saturday Post
Beads of Clay Sunday Share Post
Beads of Clay Cyber Monday Post
Happy Shopping!

Oh, and there is always the $25 gift certificate drawing that goes until 11/30/12 (just enter AWHoliday in the message to seller when you purchase from my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop)
from Artisan Whimsy group.

Cyber Monday Coupon Code for Etsy Shop!

It's officially Cyber Monday here in the US!
For today only, you can use checkout coupon code ETSYCYBER until midnight EST today to get an extra 10% off items on your order from my Etsy Shop:

I have been updating some items since last night, and I have a bit more to add today!
Don't be fooled thinking - oh, Just 10% off...
Most of these items in my shop are already marked down 10% to 60% off retail pricing!
And the Fairy Ribbons and Silky Ribbons - which are not "on sale" - are included in this Cyber Monday use the coupon code for today event.
MarshaNealStudio Shards and Donuts

Marsha Neal Studio Donuts, Crescent Earrings, and Beads

Marsha Neal Studio Crescent Pendants

Marsha Neal Studio Flowers, Spirals and Nature Pendants

Marsha Neal Studio 2mm Silk Ribbons and Fairy/Silky Bundles
So make sure you swing by and shop!
If you are making multiple purchases, please consider using PayPal as your form of payment so I can easily refund you excess shipping charges. 
If you need to use "Direct Checkout" or an Etsy gift card contact me about the listing before purchasing so I can try to reserve it for you, and remove the extra shipping (if you have already purchased and paid for shipping one time during this sale).

Make sure to stop by these blogs to shop for some awesome handmade beads and jewelry today!
Beads of Clay Blog

Love My Art Jewelry Blog

And going on through this Friday:

Artisan Whimsy Blog
*Remember - Artisan Whimsy message to seller when you purchase from my shop:
AWHOLIDAY gets you entered into winning a $25 gift certificate to my etsy shop.
(purchases through 11/30/12).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Thanksgiving weekend is our time to decorate for Christmas.
And every year it gets better as these two get a little older to join in on our traditions...

Riley (who is potty training) marked the side he wants his presents on...

Chloe found that the butterflies (from my mom's tree decoration stash we use) really know how to flutter then find their way to the tree...

The fiber optic train thingy (from my dad a few years back) is LOVED by both kids!

And then there is this. The kitchen that needed a good painting (perfect Saturday night for Dave and I - sure...). But it has to get done. We are entering our busy time of the year. Both kids have December birthdays and we have family over for the holidays...

We totally didn't realize that "Duckie" the elf was in the way. Chloe was very concerned about us not moving him because he would lose his magic & would not be able to return nightly to report back to Santa...

Well, I had painted around him & called it a night (finished painting on Sunday). And this is what we found on Sunday...

Chloe loved that he had painted a picture of himself!

She was inspired to also paint a picture of Duckie where there was still unpainted space.

Riley did too...

We updated the frame with pics of all 4 of our kids (RIP Stinker...).

And now - it is done. A huge weight lifted.

I grabbed the last moments of sunlight tonight to snap photos of these pieces for my Etsy shop update tonight for Cyber Monday (http://www.MarshaNealStudio.Etsy.com)

Had some time to jump in the leafs too!

What a busy and fun weekend!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale Pricing Is Live!

My Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop is now LIVE with all of the items that are going on "SALE" now marked down to their "SALE" Prices!

These 2mm Silk Knot Bundles are slightly on sale
(they are priced at the retail quantity discount price of 3 or 4 bundles)
The 2mm knot bundles Regularly $20 are now $18 and 
The 2mm half-knot bundles Regularly $12.50 are $9.
Click To Shop Sale Silks
I have marked down all of the individual $15 pendants to their destash $5 price.
And the $29 pendant sets down to their destash $10 price.
And random other pendants are marked down 10 to 40% off retail prices.

Click To Shop Sale Pendant Sets
And it's about time that a lot of these butterflies, bats and other Halloween creatures find a home.
They are marked down from $10 to $5 on SALE.
Click To Shop Sale Butterflies and Creatures.
And there are so many more sections!

Marsha Neal Studio Nature Impression Pendant
Individual Pendants = Destash prices! Most are $5!

MarshaNealStudio Porcelain Shards
Ceramic Shards = 30% off: $12 now $8 a pair!

MarshaNealStudio Porcelain Donut Earrings (photo by Katy Timney)
Handmade Jewelry = Prices dropped $5 to $15 off for these listings!

Marsha Neal Studio OOAK Bead Set
Bead Sets = OOAK sets are marked down $10 off of their retail price.

Marsha Neal Studio Chevron Bead Sets 
Custom-Glazed Bead Sets on Sale for $30 each:
Each pair of beads (there are 8 pairs on these strands) retail at $6 a pair.
Regular group discount price = $32 for these sets, on sale for $30 through Monday.
Not too deep discounted because these I will have to make to order.

As this weekend progresses and I find some time to look into my shop inventory cases, I know I will have more items to add into my Etsy shop. 

No worries about excessive shipping charges though.

Once you make your initial purchase, you will receive a coupon code in your "Thank You" email from my Etsy shop that will remove excessive shipping charges on any add on orders you may have over the weekend.

Have fun shopping and spending time with friends and family this weekend!
Tomorrow is our day to decorate for Christmas!
The kids are SO excited and the weather is supposed to be awesome...

Black Friday Sale and Giveaways

Arriving from Artisan Whimsy? 
Enter AWHOLIDAY into message to seller to be entered into my $25 Giveaway.
I'm not using the coupon code for discounts since all items on SALE are already priced down.
Want to see all kinds of handmade beads and components and jewelry on sale?
Click over to my Black Friday page (page will disappear in early December 2012)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S. celebrating today!
I will be spending the day with my little ones baking and cooking, then seeing my awesome in-laws, then some hang time with my siblings!
Silly Halloween Pumpkin Turkey of sorts...
I'm setting things up for quite the sale through my ETSY shop kicking off on Friday!
Finished Jewelry will be on sale:
Porcelain Donut Earrings
All SALE items will be marked down to their actual SALE price as of very late Thursday night or early Friday morning if the tryptophan takes hold on Thursday.
Porcelain Pendant Set
No coupon codes are required unless you are coming back to buy more then one time.
(To Save On Excessive Shipping Charges, after you have already paid for shipping one time while your item is in house, use coupon code FREESHIP to avoid excessive shipping charges. Please do not use this unless you have already paid for shipping one time!)

Not all items in my shop are going to be on sale, but most will be marked down a bit...

Like these pre-selected color 2mm Silk Color palettes:
Pre-Selected Color Palette "Simple Nature" 2mm Silks
I will be marking individual knots down.
No additional quantity discounts will be applied unless you purchase multiples and the quantity discount would be greater than the sale price (this is meant to entice you to try some of these, not stock up on a ton).
Direct checkout does not allow me to issue a credit - so be aware of that and Use PayPal if in doubt!

Starting Black Friday, there are overlapping events (groups I belong to) that are hosting blog hops and lots of giveaways - talk about overwhelming!
Although - all these links lead to sales - and Handmade Item Sales at that!!!

Here they are in order of Starting Date: Black Friday...
Beads of Clay Blog:Me and My Ceramic Bead Makers Group
I have donated items for each of the daily giveaways over there (share socially, then comment that you did so over on that day's particular post, and you get entered to win that day's giveaway!).
Shop for awesome handmade beads!

Artisan Whimsy Group (fellow component, craft and finished jewelry makers group) 
For this group, I will be giving away a chance at a $25 gift certificate for purchases made from:
Friday, November 23 to Friday, November 30, 2012.
*(Some, but not all items will remain on sale past Cyber Monday)*
You must put "A.W. Holday" in some form into the "message to seller" when you are checking out.
Every listing purchased & using the code will receive a chance at winning that $25 gift certificate.

And for the official Cyber Monday!
Love My Art Jewelry Blog: Awesome Handmade Jewelry and Components
For Actual Cyber Monday, I will be donating (1) 2mm Silk Knot Bundle in
Pick your own color palette to L.M.A.J. blog giveaway.

I may end up adding something extra special in for Cyber Monday too.
Like, hopefully some of these new pieces:
Crescent Pendant Earrings Marsha Neal Studio
My brain just can't get around it yet.
Let's hope decorating for Christmas on Friday gets me in the right mode for this!

And let's hope that by Monday, with the kids back to school - things can resume to normal "work" around here (I cannot wait to get to "work" in my studio - especially onto the terrarium pieces!!!)