Monday, October 15, 2012

Last Sale and De-Stash Day with Lots of Giveaways!!!

Today is the last day for my 2012 Porcelain Pendant De-Stash event!
Marsha Neal Studio Cutout Hibiscus Flower Pendant
$15 pendants are marked down to $5
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Porcelain Pendant Set

$29 pendant sets are marked down to $10

And there is a whole mess of pendants in my Etsy shop marked down 20%,
with most being up to 50% off, like these:
Marsha Neal Studio Chocolate Clay Donut Pendant Sets
You can grab a $20 pair of these Chocolate Clay donut pendants for $10!
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Donut Pairs
I also have listings in porcelain clay too - most are in stock in the above glazes and ready to go!

The Bats are on sale 20% off...
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Textured Bat
I'm just ready to move pieces sitting in my inventory!

Besides - when you purchase something from me during a sale like this - you are just giving me a package to add something extra into as a special gift for you...


Marsha Neal Studio Fall Leaf 2mm Silk Knot Bundle
Winner was picked from customers that purchased on Sunday = Nicole Z! Congrats!!!

Want to see what else you all could win?
(everyone that makes a purchase during the event gets entered):
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Disc Beads in Bohemian Glaze Color Palette
1. Textured Disc set in Bohemian Glaze AND a (10) 2mm silk knot bundle of their choice.
2. Just Added (well - I just pulled these out of the kiln and decided they need to go home with 8 random purchasers from this weekend's event - including purchasers from today!):
Marsha Neal Studio 2-Hole Donut in Stormy Night Sky
(every listing purchased today, Monday, 10/15/12, the last day of this event will get entered)
9 random listings sold today will be picked to win one of each of these:
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Decal Pendants
So far today, there have been 8 listings purchased.
Want your chance at one of these, and all of the other drawings?
Jump on over to my Etsy shop or Website and purchase whatever you want - Today!

Don't have the $$ to spend, but want a chance to win something (I know how that feels!!!)

If you help me share this event socially (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Hearting items on Etsy, etc) then comment on this blog post, your comment gets you entered to win this:
Marsha Neal Studio Spiral Beads in Garden Bloom.
Thanks again to everyone making purchases and helping me spread the word about this event!
It has been SO much fun doing this for a third (and maybe final time!).

After my week break at the end of October, I look forward to returning back to studio time with a fresh creative beginning...

Good luck with the drawings everyone!!!
I'll announce winners sometime Tuesday once I get things organized...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bead De-Stash Continues and Sunday Sales Giveaway

My final planned porcelain pendant De-Stash event is going on through Monday, Oct. 15, 2012.
And I'm going to do a Giveaway for Today: Sunday, Oct 14 sales!
Porcelain Pendants From The Marsha Neal Studio Website For De-Stash
There are a few pieces in my Etsy shop Destash Section - almost all Sets:
Marsha Neal Studio Etsy De-Stash Section
And more on my Marsha Neal Studio Website:

There are also some $5 individual pendants on my website as well (the ones in the top photo are from the remaining ones from this morning - some beautiful ones)...

Coupon code: FreeShip can be used in either of the shopping carts once you have made your initial purchase and have paid for shipping (this is to avoid excessive shipping fees, refunding and losing portions of that refund to PayPal fees).
*If you are purchasing via website, make sure you hit "View Cart" to enter your coupon code. If you hit "checkout" first, you won't see the coupon code option.*

Bohemian Palette Textured Discs (purchaser giveaway)

If you have made a purchase at all during this De-Stash event, you are entered to win a set of my Bohemian Color Palette Textured Disc Beads (pictured above) AND a 2mm Silk knot bundle (10 strands) of your own color choice.

Garden Bloom Spiral Beads Promotional Giveaway
If you are helping me promote this sale throughout this weekend and Monday via social media outlets (twitter, fb, pinterest, etc) and then you comment on either of these blog posts (Friday's Post), you get entered to win this above set of Garden Bloom Spiral Beads!

If you make a purchase from my Etsy Shop or Website Today (10/14/12),
You will automatically be entered to win this 2mm Fall Leaf Color palette knot of silks (there are 10 strands in this knot).

So that means that if you are purchasing and sharing news about this sale, and you comment that you are doing so here, on my blog posts, you are getting chances to win all of this:
 Just for grabbing up some of my work (on Sale!)...
Think of all the cool things you could make with this stuff!

Thanks for sharing and shopping!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Pendant Destash Event

It's here again - Time for me to grab trays of pendants that I've been making here and there, and putting in trays in the studio, and get them moving fast!

I think I am emotionally moving on from these pieces in a big way.
I may still dabble - maybe some new designs.
I'm wanting to pick up drawing again and may find inspiration to make new work.

I wanted to have these pieces back up on my website where people could pick their texture, shape/size and color, and I would make like I have done since I have made these pieces, but something inside just keeps fighting with me about doing that.
I think it's that creative part that has been dormant since around 2006.
She is ready to burst forth for a huge breathe of fresh air!!!
She is wanting to find inspiration in the things that grow to fit into the small spaces in life..
New Marsha Neal Studio Small Garden Sculptures in the works...
And November is the beginning of that time for us - my muse and I...

So for now - wrapping things up a bit for me...

The Destash sale!
This maybe the very last one I do for these ceramic pieces.
Definitely the last one I do like this via Etsy (too many fees for such low priced listings).

Individual large pendants will be $5 (regularly $15)
Multi-hole pendants will be $5 (regularly $20)
Pendant Sets will be $10 (regularly $29)
Other various pendant set collections $15 (regularly $40-50)
I may add a few more listings tonight into my Etsy shop (I have some medium pendant sets to put up there) but once they are gone - that's it.

Three Hole Pendants - Marsha Neal Studio Website!

Where can you find them?
Two places:
Marsha Neal Studio Website (ceramic pendants pages)
(there is only one of each pendant, so leave the qty as 1 when checking out)

I might just mark down some of the other regular priced Ceramic items in my shop too.
I think 20% off might be called for...
Those will just have "Sale" marked in front of their Title.

Ok - off to make a few more things happen before grabbing the little ones from school and a family dinner out (it is Friday Night right?!)

Thanks Everyone for All Your Support!
Oh - and of course I'm adding in some Giveaways!!!

For anyone that makes a purchase of ceramic pieces in my Etsy shop or Website during this event,
You will get entered to win this set of "Bohemian" Textured Discs AND one of my 2mm silk knot bundles (your choice of colors).

For anyone that helps me promote this event via social media outlets
(FaceBook sharing, Twitter posting, Blogging, Pinterest, etc)
Then come back and comment on this post for each thing you do,
Your comments will get you entered to win this set of "Garden Bloom" Spiral Beads.

If you are making multiple purchases during the "Destash Sale",
after you pay your initial shipping & handling fee,
use coupon code: FreeShip to avoid excess shipping fees.

For your convenience:
Shop Marsha Neal Studio Website for Destash 10/13 to 10/15, 2012.
Shop Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop for Destash 10/13 to 10/15, 2012.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Terrarium Sculpture Projects

Bits and pieces for this project have been coming together for years. At first these pieces were large thrown forms to be installed in my Masters Degree final project (with thoughts about being in the garden, but put aside because of freeze and thaw issues).

After grad school I started making beads and traveling around the US to sell them. Fast forward to becoming a mom & being burnt out creatively from a successful run of bead making production work. Enter the find one's creative voice phase (this takes some time and inspiration at a core level).

Go back to nature. Go back to texture and color. Find joy within places of retreat and imaginative play as a child (now that my daughter is approaching the magical age of 5, remember what new discovery is like). Find little places. Discover the small details. Remember things from along this journey. About remembering form. About creating texture. About thinking things through and seeing how parts join or are they growing like that...

Be inspired by beautiful things. Look at goals, remember there are opportunities along the way. Fill your heart with passion for expression and then let the obsessive creative flow take over.

Figure out how to create and move past things that hold you back.
In my case - how to create and fire these small porcelain bits without the excessive use of epoxy when they are done. That part would drain the creative flow for me.

Ah.Ha! The architectural, heavily grogged clay body that I have had since after Grad school some 11 years ago (was intended to make outside sculpture). You will be formed into slabs for kiln furniture so I can fire these newer terrarium sized pieces!

Oh, the excitement of things coming together...

More to follow as pieces dry and the kilns get fired up.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Genea Glass Head Pins and Marsha Domed Discs

Do you ever get blazing ideas & inspiration, then have it stall? Well I did (but the stall was due to needing teeny o-rings, then Dave ending up in the hospital).

I found the teensy o-rings from Yvonne from "My Elements". In SO many great colors & I got rubber tubing from her as well. These parts were needed to keep my porcelain domed pieces in place over Genea's beautiful glass headpins (on steel wire).

Yesterday, out came the head pins that I had previously matched up with my pieces. I used a bit of green scrubby to get the rust off of the wire, coated with Ren. wax, added O-rings, porcelain domed disc, then O-ring pushed into the disc hole, then wire wrapped in place.

Then I ran out of play time & had kids to attend to.

So my question is this:
1. Are you, as a jewelry designer a bit intimidated buying pieces separate & hoping they fit?
2. Would you prefer to buy them together either where I have stopped right now (wire wrapped and sealed with Ren wax with o-rings in place) OR as separate components that have been dry fitted by me?
3. Or would you rather just buy them in a finished jewelry piece? Say earrings or maybe a small sculptural non-jewelry piece?

Now for the pics (blogging from my phone - sorry... All at the end and out of order).

Friday, October 5, 2012

First Friday Art Walk Weekend!

I love participating in AWETeam's First Friday Art Walk on
AWETeam's First Friday Art Walk on Blog

It's like a monthly deadline that I have to get new work into my Etsy shop.
Not that I always get new things listed, and not that I stress about not getting things made and listed (who needs stress like that anyway right?!).

So if you make a purchase this weekend (Oct. 5 - 7, 2012) you can use my Etsy shop checkout coupon code: AWEFFAW for 10% off your order in my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop.
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Bat
This month, I made it a point to add a few bat pendants since Halloween is right around the corner.
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Bat
Not that bats have to be associated exclusively with Halloween.
We love watching them do arial acrobatics here around our wood lined yard in the summer.
Marsha Neal Studio Gnarly Spiral Porcelain Bat
 But there is something extra cool about wearing a bat necklace from summertime through the end of October.

And since things just keep compiling and getting complicated in my life, I figured I had better get them up there now, because if not, it would never happen (forget trying to schedule an update at an exact time!). 

I have a bunch of pendants to load up there as well,
photographed some,
want to add some to my website...
But will it ever happen - who knows...

I'm hoping at this point that Tuesday afternoon will be when I get most of the listings up there in my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Earrings and Necklace Success - To Do List Checking Off

I love this style of earring. The shape of the bead is just so feminine...
I just needed the time to sit and make them.
Today was that day!

I usually go with smaller pendants for earrings like the right side of this next photo:

But I am test - wearing them and I really like the way the larger ones look with my haircut. And big plus: I made the pendants thin enough that they aren't crazy heavy (I can't stand having tired and sore ear lobes!)

And the bat pendants...
Two holes both wire wrapped (4" of 20ga wire).
For this green & brown necklace, I used (2) of the 2mm silk strands. I cut each length in half. Then took a green half and brown half and threaded it through the bat pendant loop & secured with a simple knot.
I measured 9" from the pendant up the silks and created a wire looped wrapped closure (I started with 4" of 20ga wire, but wanted more wrap, so increased it to 8" for the second necklace. The repeated for the other side and added a quick lobster claw for a closure.
So I hope this gives you a quick general stepping stone of what you can do with these two hole pendants (ooh - thought: the bats like the first earrings?!).
I will be photographing new pendants just out of the kiln for listing on Etsy & my website!
I am SO excited that October is here and we are having great fall weather! My favorite time of the year!!!
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In Progress

As the sun moves into the right position this afternoon, I will be photographing new work that will be listed on Etsy and my Website this week (depends on how well photographing goes).

Here are some pics of what I am working on right now (posted from my phone - so photo order = disorder :)