Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tucson Show Preparations

Hello out there in Blog Land...
Just a quick note to say how excited and frustrated I am right now.

One can easily experience these emotions simultaneously when getting ready for such a huge event as the Gem and Jewelry Shows out in Tucson, AZ.

This year I will be at 2 shows: 
Feb. 3-8, 2008 (10-6 every day)
Feb. 4-8, 2008 (Wed late night)

I'm in the midst of excitement for my new pieces - the decal pieces.
There is SO much potential there...
If only I could manage my time better to get stuff done.

And if only the pieces were coming out as I think they will look.
I've had some setbacks mainly in technique,
but think I've got them worked out (knock on wood).

I guess this happens when coming up with new stuff.
Get out of the comfort zone of what you know and get to experimenting...

So off to have me some brownies (thanks Joan Tucker for that inspiration)!
And then to work, work, and more work...

Thank goodness I like my job...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Infant Apparel on it's way

I'm so excited about the way these shirts and onesies are turning out.

I'm trying to limit myself a bit, and have selected one flower and one tree design for printing.
My friend Kim of Aspenwear is printing these for me, and she just dropped these samples off to me and picked up more to print.

I think I will be taking pictures this weekend of Chloe in them for samples.
Nothing like having your own little model around for stuff like this...
Although I hope she is done teething for the weekend (I found at least 3 new teeth just this morning! Wow - talk about all at once!!!)

I'll post a link or send out a newsletter about these as soon as they become available.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Etsy Showcase - Decided to give 2 of them a try!

Accessories Showcase and Supplies Showcase for 1/3/08

I took this picture today and used a cropped version of it as a sample for my Etsy shop to show people that I can put a simple wire wrapped bail on their piece, as well as what the piece looks like on a silky strand (Silky Ribbon #55 Golden Brown with BC-M-BANA pendant). I've put a handful of the new decal pieces up onto my Etsy shop (flowers and birds).

I sure hope that things start to get easier to put stuff up there - and they probably do if you have pieces that you can make that are similar. It's a lot of work to get started....

I also finally, finally got my small test kiln to run - it's been out of order since Aug/Sept - what a pain that has been... Hopefully it will run again for a few more years without issue. Having the extra kiln will allow me to run some more tests along with getting ready for Tucson.

So a few things off the to do list.... Yay me!!! 

Friday, January 2, 2009

Etsy Showcase - Giving it a try!

I am going to be posting a lot of the new flower decal pieces up on Etsy on Friday 1/2/09 because I signed up for a showcase in the accessories section on Etsy (starts at Midnight Friday - 11:59pm Sat).

I gave myself this deadline so that I could keep the pressure on to get my new stuff out there and available to everyone. It's going to be interesting... (interesting to see if I can pull it together as I imagine).

I'm going to set the timer on the coffee pot for early morning, spend some time with Chloe, drop her off at school for a few hours, then get to it...