Monday, March 9, 2009

Warmer Weather = Opening of FL room

This past weekend it was in the mid 60's here in Northern Delaware.
The cats were frisky, and the warm breeze beckoned us to open up the doors, windows and get to unpacking and reorganizing our Florida Room.

Chloe loves being out in the FL room... and so do we!
The four big picture windows and two sliding doors really open it up as if you were outdoors, but with the comforts of being indoors.

Above & to the right is a hall seat from my Grandma Neal. It has been in our family for at least 5 generations. It was passed from my Great-Great Grandfather Fry to Great Grandmother Deaven to Grandma Neal to my dad to me. Also I inherited a bunch of old chairs this one is part of a set of 2.

My not so old hammock swing chair and Chloe's W.T.P. push toy (thank you Renu & Serita), chair 2 of 2, an old two-drawer stand, and coffee table with sides that pull up and lock (perfect game and puzzle table). This couch is from Dave's grandmom's house. I think I may be the only person in our family to really see the beauty in this couch. And in true Italian fashion, I believe it had the plastic on it until recent years... So I am happy to say, Thank You to Mrs. Zambino for keeping it under plastic - it is in perfect condition, and is the most comfortable lounge couch ever!

Grandmom Zambino's Italian Lounge Couch and an Antique Blue Chair from my Great Grandma Deaven's house. This chair has a twin and a couch that I am told are lavender in color. I'm not quite sure who got those in the family, but they are around (I hope). I remember this chair from when I was very small. I used to run my fingers all over the designs cut into the material. It is the kind of chair that when you sit into it, you sink back into it - the seat is very long and it's quite bouncy (perfect for little kids to sit in with feet sticking out, and bounce, bounce, bounce). And in the back of the I.L.C. is a very old and very cool Tiffany style lamp which was to my surprise - very, very heavy.

I have decided (and Dave has accepted - at least for now) that the FL room is the place for us to put a lot of these old pieces of furniture. Our garage is full up to the brim of items from 4 other houses - all here because of a loss of sorts. My mom and Dave's grandmom have passed on and two of my grandmom's have downsized and moved to a warmer location geographically. And all within the last year and a half.

It's a weird feeling of loss to have so many of our maternal figures not with us anymore on a regular basis. So I am feeling the need to surround us with things of theirs for now. I know that Dave hopes to get rid of a lot of things - and we will... I only want to keep the things we can put out around the house (& seasonal stuff to put out). And the rest should go to people that would enjoy them as well.

So - maybe I'll open an Etsy shop for the cool "vintage" things I come across that family members don't want. There is some cool crap in those boxes...
I can't believe what grandma's keep locked up in storage...