Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks For Visiting, Here Is A Treat For You...

Thank you for stopping by and hanging out for a bit during this 2nd Annual Fall Beads-of-Clay Bloggers Open Studio Event. Please leave any comments about how to improve this for next year and we'll see if we can work the suggestions into our layout.

I would like to share with you some of our annual fall traditions…

I have a friend Natalie that has a small farm down the road from us. For the last three years we have gone there to get our pumpkins for Halloween along with some small gourds & pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, and veggies…

Here are some pics of our trip last weekend:

Riley's first glimpse at the pumpkins in the field… Think he likes it?
Riley teething on the pumpkin stem & Chloe wondering if she needs to tell him not to do that.. you know - like all big sisters should...

Hanging out with friends is fun - especially with Lincoln the dog!
The family picture in the pumpkin field...
Chloe pretending to drive the gator. Riley - hold on buddy!
Chloe and Natalie (my favorite picture!)
Watch out Dad… Riley is going to get that old tractor into gear!
Chloe lined up the gourds when we got home… She likes organization too! Notice I used this as my banner???

And now for the Sweet Treat:
A dessert recipe that Dave's Grandmom used to make and now he and Chloe enjoy making it. I help out with beating the egg whites to a peak...
Grandmom Zambino was an amazing Italian Grandmom…
And she always had her eyes out for dessert recipes to try out (a woman after my own heart) so this probably appeared on the back of a box somewhere…

Graham Cracker Pie (makes 4 pies - Hey, we're Italian… gotta feed everyone!)

Pie Crust:
4 cups of crushed graham cracker (comes in a box now)
4 tsp ground cinnamon
3 tsp cornstarch
2 cups butter softened
4 tsp brown sugar (white sugar can be used as well)

Bottom of Pie Filling:
8 tbs corn starch
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp salt
8 cups of scalded milk (do not burn)
12 egg yolks beaten
4 tsp vanilla extract

Top of Pie Filling (meringue):
12 egg whites
1 cup white sugar

1. Make pie crust first: mix ingredients in a large bowl, then press into pie plates. Make sure to leave some extra for putting on top of the pie (see picture below - we like a lot of extra for on top ;)
2. Bottom of Pie FillingMix thoroughtly the corn starch, sugar and salt.  Slowly add to hot milk stirring contantly until mixture thickens (Best to use a double boiler - or pots rigged up as a double boiler since it will be 4 pies worth).  When you think it is thick enough, blend a little (approx 1/2 c ) of this mixture with the egg yolks.  Mix and put back in pan, stir & cool until eggs get set (about 2 minutes). Add vanilla and pour into cracker crust. Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
3. Meringue (Top of Pie Filling): Make meringue from the egg whites. Beat egg whites (make sure there is no yellow yolk or else it will not beat up.  Beat til stiff and slowly add the sugar. Layer this on top of pie filling already in pan, then sprinkle with extra pie crust crumbles. Then place back in oven for about 5 mins or until you can see it browning around the edges.

…When done promptly call all of your siblings, friends, neighbors or extended family and tell them that you made four three Graham Cracker Pies and whoever gets there first gets to have some…

THANK YOU so very much for stopping by this Beads of Clay Bloggers Open Studio Event and for making such great comments.

Without a community like this to be a part of, something would seem like it was missing in life… (for me I know this to be true - I treasure the friends I've made here online!)
I hope that we continue to have interest in this event and maybe pick up doing it maybe again in the spring and then next fall…

We may also throw around the idea to have a stagnant listing of inlinkz for those members of BOC that can't be here live and another for those of us that can.
Life is crazy, things come up - And don't we all know it!

Please remember to stop by the BOC blog and make your comment on the main blog post for a chance at winning more beads - until midnight tonight…

Also, support the artists by purchasing items from their Etsy shops and by telling your friends and family about Beads-of-Clay

My 30% off sale is going on until Midnight on Monday, October 25…

I will be uploading more work to my Etsy shop tonight after the kids go to bed and tomorrow during the day… So check back often!


  1. Thanks for all your work with this Marsha, it was a lot of fun!

  2. Hi Marsha, I think it was a great success. I am now going around to visit everyone's blogs. They are so interesting. Love all you pics and your easy going writing style, just like we are in the same room. Yes, let's keep up this tradition. Maybe if we try one in the Spring it could have a different twist. Not sure what. Maybe an outside studio. How we use our outdoors for our art. Just an idea. I know you have beautiful gardens and lots of us love to grow veggies.
    Again, thanks for all your wonderful work on this. And your enthusiasm is irreplaceable.

  3. What cuties!!!!! Going to the pumpkin patch was always a tradition at our house. Because of illness, this will be the first year we have not made it. Maybe we can sneak it in next weekend.

    I love the event, but really struggled getting to every website in 15 minutes. If you think about it, 12 participants in only 15 minutes gives you just over a minute each to read the post, comment, and wait for the word verificaiton etc. If you have a slow computer (like mine was today), it is impossible.

    Thanks to everyone who volunteered to give away their lovely creations to us!!!

  4. This was a wonderful "event" Thanks for all the tours and little bits about who all of you are. It's nice to see how others live and create.Thanks for all the giveaways and recipes!! Maybe next time it could be 30 minutes instead of just 15 for those of us that don't have FAST new Macs(you ladies know who I'm talkin' about hehehe)
    Again thanks for the fun!!!

  5. This was fun, Marsha. Thanks for coordinating it. I felt a bit frazzled trying to get to everyone in time and reading all that they wrote so lovingly and then making a comment. I wouldn't have more in the open studio than the number you had. But I like your idea of a static link of bloggers who are not participating. And if you have so much interest you can assign fall or spring to them to get them all equal exposure. I like the idea of the giveaways and especially the glimpse into the studios. It makes it mean so much more when I used these art beads in my work.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. I think we need to make sure to have bloggers take the word verification off of their blogs during the open studio - makes it much faster…

    And we did throw around the idea of a longer commenter window, and think we will re-examine that for maybe the 30 minutes for next time. The shorter window means less entries and better chances of winning the giveaways.

    But that 15 minutes does go by way too fast online…

    Have fun going back to the blogs as you have time. And enjoy shopping! I know I want to later tonight!

  7. Marsha, your family is wonderful. Enjoyed the pictures of them. Will keep the recipe. Sounds awesome. You and Mary did a great job geting this together......Now does this comment get me in the drawing for a PIE!!!! haha

  8. Finally I got a chance to look around other blogs. Yours first :)First to tell you... LOVE your kids. That little fella is sooo cute biting that stem and yes I know how BIG sisters love to tell their little brothers what not to do :) You have done a marvelous job with this event. I agree on 30 min. for giveaways (I took them already, couldn't catch up everything in 15 min.) and love the idea about Spring Event. Spring has soooo much to offer especially around May.
    And that pie recipe is the first thing on my list to do these days :D Looks soo delicious!
    Thank you for your friendly and encouraging comments on my posts :)Lots of love from me! Sandra

  9. Your kids are adorable! As for the event, I had a blast! It went by so fast :O) I think that 30 min. would probably be a good amount of time too....I live out in the middle of nowhere and only have satellite as a choice for internet provider...faster than dial up, but not as fast as cable. I think this would be a fun winter event too! I liked it so much that I thought something like this (certainly wouldn't copy ;o) would be fun for our new Love My Art Jewelry Blog....Great job!

  10. Marsha, many thanks to you and Mary for organizing this. It was a great second year. Love the pumpkin patch. You have a gorgeous family. I've had graham cracker pie. I didn't make it but I loved it so I think I'll definitely give yours a try.

  11. Hi, I loved your pictures. So cute. Also I enjoyed looking at your work. Your very talented.


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