Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sneak Peek For The Beads Of Clay Open Studio

Want to spend a couple of hours hanging out with some ceramic artists in their studios?
And get multiple chances to win some cool artist bead giveaways?
And get a jump on your holiday shopping with some great sales and specials?

You can - through the Beads of Clay Bloggers Open Studio Event.

The actual Beads of Clay Bloggers Open Studio is next Sunday, October 24, 2010 from 2-5pm EST
And will be hosted on the Beads of Clay Blog.

These are the pieces I will be giving away on my blog during the event (2 giveaways for commenters):

These are the pieces I sent in for the Beads of Clay Blog giveaway drawings (one drawing for commenters, and one drawing for the participating artists):
Marsha Neal Studio Chickadee Medium Square Pendant
Marsha Neal Studio Spiraling Tree on Large Oval Pendant
Here is a picture of the recipe I will be sharing - Graham Cracker Pie… Yum!!!
Grandmom's Graham Cracker Pie
I will also be loading up my Etsy shop with new pieces and running some sort of sale or special (have not decided yet) on Sunday the 24th to go with this Event.

Make sure to tell your friends and share the link to Beads of Clay Blog...


  1. Marsha, looooove your work! Your poppy pendants are just gorgeous. I took a peek at your etsy shop and just fell in love:)

  2. mmmm that pie looks good! I'm interested in becoming a member of the beads of clay clan. Can you tell me how to sign-up??

  3. Thanks!!
    Hey Kylie, I think there is so much information out there for BOC that it's a bit overcomplicated right now. It used to be just join the Yahoo group, but it has grown. I think it's really just going to the new updated website and add yourself as a ceramic bead maker to the list of artists. Then if you want, I can add your blog to the blog roll. Do you think you will want to participate in the open studio this weekend? The more the crazier… which, by the way - is so much more lively and fun!

    Hope this helps...

  4. Thanks, I will hop on over and try to find it!

  5. beautiful beads. Your beads just inspire me,makes me want to try my hand on making ceramic beads.


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