Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Night DeStash Update & Bonuses...

Aren't these just lovely???
I think you need some for yourself or to give as gifts for this holiday season…
And for only $5 each (normally $15) why not?
And to think - every last one of them has been photographed in the last 24 hours and uploaded to my Etsy shop into the "Destash Items" section.
Madness I say - complete and utter madness!!!

These are porcelain pendant pieces that I make by hand in my studio and that have been doing the bead show circuit, trunk shows at bead shops, checked out by friends visiting my studio, and have been most recently kept in baggies up on my studio shelves.

There has been something within me that hasn't wanted to let them go.
There are some sad stories, some funny ones, some obsessive ones - all for another post.

Now is the time for me to say good bye to them all.
And for you to say Hi…
Even if it is just a passing onto another person for them to keep for a while…

So this morning I dropped the kids off to school,
Got a nice cup of coffee in hand and headed out to the FL room where I photograph my work.
I think I have photographing my work down to a science now.
And if I pay attention to little things like:
1. Centering item
2. Using a tripod
3. Keeping items straight in the image frame
4. Light compensation (I check each image as I take the pic to make sure the color is as true as possible)
I can put the images onto my computer, crop quick, export, then upload to Etsy.
It's science baby!!!
If you are on my FaceBook page - then you were witness to my mad uploads and annoying feed thread hogging posts (sorry about that - I promise this is NOT an all the time thing :)
Seriously - in my head I heard Chevy Chase's voice: "Look Kids, It's Big Ben" over and over (and over) as I was posting my stuff to Etsy & sharing with FB & Twitter.

Just think: 
Teachers gifts...
Gifts for good friends and family members that like unique necklaces…
Or to a beading friend that likes to use handmade pieces in their jewelry design…
I love that they are $5 right now, but are actually $15 normally - so you're giving something with real artist handmade value.
Makes me feel good that I can help you out like that.
And that your buying them helps me pay off my business debt (an ugly thing - let me tell you… Don't even get my husband started on it - because that's where it gets ugly…).

Maybe you've got some craft shows or home shows coming up that you need or want to have a few extra pieces for and this will give you a little extra $$ value back.

How do you make these pendants into a necklace ready for gift giving?
If you aren't into making jewelry yourself, I can help you out...
My style of necklace is simply add a wire wrapped bale to the pendant and string it on a silk ribbon.
You could also use a necklace you already have - leather, rubber, metal, etc.

If you pick out some pendants simply send me a convo through Etsy and let me know which one you want made into a necklace.
For each piece for an extra $5 you can pick out one of my Silky or Fairy Ribbons (or I can pick out a color that goes with your pendant for you) and ask me to wire wrap the piece for you. 
Ribbons cost $5 each individually…

If you just want the pendant wire wrapped, it's only $2 without the silk.
I make the loop a standard size that should slide over any standard small necklace end loop.

DeStash Sale Bonuses:
1. For every 10 item listings in my shop that you purchase (destash and regular priced items) I will pick out a pendant from my stash for you.
2. Every time you help me promote this sale through social media outlets, please leave a comment here on my blog posts for this sale and you get a chance at a $30 MNS gift certificate. Do this often - no limit on how many times you can enter…
3. Random DESTASH BONUS items will be thrown into my shop over the weekend.
These could be things like bundles of pieces, half priced silk bundles, etc.
4. All orders will be receiving a coupon code for their next clay item purchase in my shop.
5. If all (or nearly all) of my destash items sell by Sunday - I will do a big huge giveaway - something really crazy - like a couple of drawings for $50 or $100 gift certificates for everyone that bought items during this sale…

Have fun shopping and help me sell all of these pieces!
And don't forget - every 10 items gets a bonus item that I pick out for you :)
I'll be counting items & looking at what you picked out while I'm packing everything up this next week.
You never know what fun stuff I'll throw in for those awesome customers of mine…

Thank You All!!!


  1. Posted on my blog about your destash, what I bought (sigh) and what I'm going to do with them!

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  4. Just tweeted about your destash. Now off to check out your shop.

  5. I have tweeted several times today and several of my followers retweeted...I'll do it all weekend! Kristibasket on twitter

  6. You are amazing. I can't believe how fast you list items!

  7. I tweeted again this morning, woohoo only 198 pieces left!

  8. I can't believe your generosity, and the wonderful giveaways. Love Love all your work!

  9. Goodness Marsha! You have been a busy little bee! I've made a list...and I'll be checking it twice. Looking forward to hoarding a few more of your pieces!

  10. I can't believe all the giveaways! I shared on fb earlier :-) Let's sell them ALL!!

  11. shared on fb - thanks for the great sale, marsha and i hope it lightens your burden and lessens your debt! :)

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  16. I tweeted again this morning. Only 115 left!

  17. Left a message on FB about sale markdown to $4!

  18. FB again! And Twitter again! You are doing amazing!

  19. I tweeted again and bought a ton more at $3.00! woohoo!

  20. I'm working on getting all the giveaway stuff together. For the Blog Commenter - from all these blog posts = 41 total comments. Winner picked by = commenter #26 - Shannon from For My Sweet Daughter! Congrats!!! $30 for you to spend :) I'll be in touch via Etsy Convo - Congrats!!!


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