Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month April 2016

Every month Art Jewelry Elements blog contributors participate together to make something with one of the artists "Component of the Month".
April 2016 was this handmade Amulet by my friend Jenny Davies-Reazor.
 Jenny and I were at Bead Fest April right next to each other, so when I saw she had a few of these available, I just had to have one!
 I have been a bit obsessed with small hanging vessels for a couple of years now and have graduated to getting a "Now That's a Jig" for making some really interesting wire forms to suspend pieces with.
 I knew that I wanted this piece of Jenny's to be out where I could see it every day.
I just LOVE the spirals and swirls. It is like being taken into swirls and spirals of water by a rocky coast - just falling deep into the meditation that it brings to mind.
 I used Dark Anodized Steel Wire (sealed with some Renaissance Wax to keep it from rusting) and made this decided upon steel form. I then cut a long length of the 20ga wire to attach the amulet.
 This is what it looks like finished and ready to use.
 I am a collector of seed pods and dried garden blooms. So I added some to the amulet to hold some of the memories of those seasons now passed - time spent exploring the garden with my little kids.
And for now, it graces my working area of my bench along with another swirl steel holder waiting for another vessel to join it. 

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AJE Team: 


  1. Love it Marsha! I may convert mine from jewelry into a decorative piece once I move into the new place. Great job on the wirework!

  2. This is beautiful! Jenny's amulets are wonderful, and I love how you used it. What a great treasure to be able to see every day in your work area.

  3. That's beautiful Marsha, and a perfect use for it! I love the memories you have on display... some of mine include lego as well! :D

  4. What a great idea Marsha! I have so many little vessels too, but I've never thought of hanging and displaying them. For some reason they're all so special I struggle with using them in jewelry :) This way I can still fondle and rearrange them! Thank you for the inspiration and for playing along with us this month!

  5. This is a great idea. I think it turned out beautifully.

  6. LOVE the wirework you did - what a great idea! So nice that you can have it out and look at it all the time - love it!

  7. How perfect you picked a swirly one to use with you NTAJ! Weren't they gorgeous in person at the show! I love that you made one to hang in your work area! Maybe I will hang mine in my house to ward off evil spirits!! How perfectly balanced your wire work is! Great Job!

  8. What a wonderful idea :) I hope you enjoy this sweet little reminder of good times.

  9. What an utterly charming way to display your amulet, I love how you have suspended it and the pods are a wonderful addition.

  10. It's gorgeous! I love that you get to look at it every day and the dry flowers to remind you of previous summers with your kids is lovely. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  11. This is magnificent... in absolutely love what you did with it...

  12. I love that you are using it for memories of a past season with your children. Your wire work is beautiful. I have a jig that has seen little use. You are nudging me into getting it our again.

  13. This is outstanding! I love all the work and that you will be able to view it often!

  14. Oh! Yes! Sorry I am so late... I was away in FaerieLand. Literally. Marsha it is gorgeous! The wire in design and proportion is a lovely pairing. The poppy pods! And lavender. I am excited, inspired, honored. Thank you.

  15. Oh that is perfect! I love having little bits of art around me.


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