Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pendant DeStash - Starts Thursday!

There is one major consistency about going from a full time production mode of working,
Where I was at with Marsha Neal Studio was from 2002 through 2007…
To where I am today (still trying to figure things out - which is a good thing).

I love to make beads & pendants.

Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Pendant - Destash Ready!
I love drawing & carving into clay to come up with my textures.
I was so proud of myself to have a full line to offer to customers (bead shops and designers) to let them pick out exactly what they wanted, and I would make it for them.
Pick out the Texture. Pick out the Shape & Size. Pick out the Color.
My website still has these options - but now I want to make different things.
I want to let that creative side take over again…
It has been arising here and there...
Screen Shot of Pendants being edited for Etsy upload...
And as we all know, the economy hasn't been the greatest in the last few years…
And I went overload with making pieces back when I was traveling and selling my stuff at shows - so much so that I have hundreds (if not a few thousand - seriously!) glazed pendants that are just hanging out in baggies wanting to become something more than company to other beads in a baggie.
They deserve better.
At least I feel they do - I love all of these pieces.
They are all so unique…
Recent Photography Session with Pendants & Shards.
So to help you out with the upcoming holiday season - I'm going to be running a $5 & $10 destash sale on selected pendants in my Etsy shop starting on Thursday through Sunday.
I've got a special section set up just for this event!

These pieces make perfect gifts for a good friend or family member that likes handmade unique items.
And I realized that after selling some pieces over the weekend at the Craft show - that I love making simple wire wrapped bales for these and hanging them onto one of my silk ribbons…
And people really like wearing them - just for that simple casual perfect look…

These don't have to be dressed up all fancy to go out…
They don't need special earrings to match...
Simple elegance is the key...
Just go with the basics: 
She is an earthy tones girl…
She is a fan of blues (the pendant will make her eye color pop!)
She loves spirals…
Whatever you think of will be perfect.
And your beading friends will love it as a gift…
They will have something new to use as a fun focal for a dynamic jewelry creation!

And Darlene of D7Studio will be running the same $5 DeStash selected items sale (I just gave her two plastic shoe boxes full of pendants today for her show this weekend in Marlborough, MA).

And the pieces that don't sell - well I have yet to decide if I am going to just tuck them away after the sale for a while again - or put them back to regular price...
Thoughts of breaking them and burying them somewhere in my garden comes to mind...
Could have some great mosaic pieces made with them -
but let me not add on another project at this time.
My little ones...
I've got too much coming up on my plate with the holidays upon us, both of my kids birthdays, and my dad's health (cancer battle about to begin - 3rd opinion coming up next Monday) and I don't foresee a lot of creative studio time for me.

So get to looking - see if there is anything you want…
The sale runs Thursday through Sunday.

And to help get the word out - if you help promote this
"MarshaNealStudio DeStash Sale"
through twitter, FB sharing, your blog, whatever…
Then come back here and leave a comment for each action.
(And yes - you can do it more than once & all through the event - Thank you for that!)
I'm going to pull a $30 gift certificate winner on Monday from all the comments left here.
Which can be used in my Etsy shop in November.

And newsletter subscribers are going to get a bit of a bonus on the items they purchase.
If you want in on that, make sure you sign up before it goes out by Wednesday night with a special promotional code for you to use for this sale to get you qualified for that "bonus".

Thank You Everyone!!!

I hope you enjoy using, sharing and creating with my pendants!
And hope you treasure them as much as I do...


  1. It's hard, but I think it's good to occasionally let got of things that have been hanging about for a while. I often find that when I do that it opens me up for new ideas. Wishing you the best with your very full schedule of things.

  2. Marsha what a great idea and I plan to do some shopping! I posted your sale info and link to the pendant section of your shop on my business Facebook page! Sell lots!

  3. Fantastic idea! I'll be shopping, and I posted this to my Facebook page. Good luck!

  4. Hi Marsha, I just found out about you from a post on Facebook by SummersStudio. I'm now a follower and will be shopping this weekend.

  5. I just shared your post on my Facebook page Therese's Treasures.

  6. I also posted this on my blog.


  7. Love it! So excited!

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