Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wire Wrap For Pendant Quickie Tutorial...

I quick shot these steps with my iPhone to give you a quick way to wire wrap a focal pendant.
I also spent an hour in the garden, so I apologize for my hands in the photos…

I love this fast technique for an instant necklace-ready piece...
 Photo 1: As you can see - the hole in the piece in my hand goes front to back. 
Not the right direction for having it hang properly from a silk, leather cord, or whatever stringing material of your choice.
 Photo 2: I like to use 20 ga dead soft wire - not cut from the spool. 
Wire goes through pendant from back to front.
 Photo 3: Use Triple Step, Concave Jaw pliers (or large round nose pliers work too) to bend the wire and make your loop. I like this larger loop because you can then fit it over just about any standard pre-made necklace (sterling omega chain, leather cord, rubber, etc). 
 Photo 4: Use your fingers (or pliers) to wrap the end of the wire back around the base of the loop.
 Photo 5: Work comfortable - you can either leave the loop on your pliers or take it off in your hand.
Depends on how soft your wire is and the delicacy of your fingers... 
Photo 6: Flush cut the end of wire that was sticking out. I like to extra tuck the cut end with my pliers right after cutting to make sure it is not going to poke out and annoy the wearer. 
 Photo 7: pull the pendant up the wire & start to bend the wire so the pendant sits in the bend where you want it to be.
 Photo 8: Start to turn the pendant so the wire wraps around the neck of the bale. This is the part I have to remember to loosen up a bit and not make it super straight and tight.
 Photo 9: After working the wire up the neck, then back down - when it gives just the right weight for the piece - find a good place to cut then tuck the end of wire. Again - don't let the end poke out and annoy and scratch at the wearer's neck. It will cause bad feelings towards the focal piece when in fact it is the craftsmanship of the wire wrap (don't be scared to cut it all off and start over - practice makes for better craftsmanship!)
 Photo 10: Wire is cut and end is tucked.
 Photo 11: Make sure the wire loop is in the right direction and sitting on the piece as you want it (love working with soft wire - you can just move it to where it should be).
 Photo 12: Add wire wrapped pendant to your necklace of choice.
I love using the Silky and Fairy ribbons for hanging these pendants.
Using the silks makes for an interchangeable necklace and completely adjustable lengthwise to fit your neckline of the outfit you are wearing.
Photo 13: Finished pendant as a necklace.

I hope you find this quickie tutorial helpful if you are in need of a quick and secure technique to use some focal beads you might have in your possession or maybe have bought from my Etsy shop.

I would be more than happy to do this for you as well.
If you buy a pendant and a silk together - the wire wrap is free.
If you just buy a pendant - the wire wrap is just a $2 add on.

Happy wire wrapping!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your news concerning your dad. We all take so much for granted, and then suddenly, we see things differently. I understand your reasoning for your sale and wanting to share your talents with others. It is very kind of you, and I would like to take advantage of your generosity and "pay it forward". I hope to donate some of the things I design from your work. I have many of your pieces purchased from different shows I have attended. I love your work and continue to follow you. I wish you all the best with your family. Thank you for your generous offer. You have put things back into perspective for me tonight. I'll check back in tomorrow.
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