Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sale Details and Self Portrait

Tomorrow is the Beads-of-Clay Blog Open Studio from 2-5pm EST.
There will be giveaways during the event but you can start shopping now and get 30% off of items in my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop and my Marsha Neal Studio Website (see below for details)

I have been working for the last couple weeks making new pieces for orders, restock for D7 Studio, and my Etsy shop. 
New items for my Etsy Shop
All day yesterday I worked on trying to take pictures (very frustrating still - I can't seem to get the lighting situation fixed - grumble, grumble…) and ended up taking a bunch of quick pictures with my iPhone. I have spent this morning cropping and now have to upload a bunch of things to my Etsy shop for tomorrow's event.

Dave has been away teaching for a few days and is now back - so I hope to work on stuff most of today, but it really depends on the kids. I don't want to spend all day here on the computer and miss out on doing things with them.

Like last night, I had the Chloe & Riley to myself. My sister called and wanted to hang out. She picked up our 8 year old niece on her way here and then saw my sister-in-law and borrowed her 4 year old daughter (her brothers were all going to be playing baseball in the almost freezing cold) and we all headed up to Longwood Gardens for their Friday night October Smell & Taste Halloween event...
Longwood Gardens Conservatory water garden area...
I LOVE my family garden pass from Dave and the kids for Mother's Day! I love being able to grab some of the other kids (under 4 years old are free) and head up there… My sister took the three girls (after drying them off from the kids indoor water garden) to a second round of "smell" and taste events (halloween candy - YUM!) and I gave Riley his nighttime bottle then took a moment for myself (oops, missed my Friday self portrait post). I love it up there… it's magical!

Ok - so for the Beads-of-Clay Bloggers Open Studio Event I am offering 30% off of all purchases from today (10/23/10) until midnight Monday (10/25/10) on my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop and my Marsha Neal Studio Website Shopping cart for this special Open Studio Event.

HERE IS HOW TO GET THE 30% OFF either of my shops:
1. Put Code: "OpenStudio30" into the message.

2. For the Marsha Neal Etsy Shop, select "OTHER" as type of payment, and I will adjust your item prices and will send you an updated invoice through paypal by 10/26/10. If you send me a payment through paypal before I adjust it, you will have to be responsible for the fees that they charge for refunding monies if any. Please select "other" to make it easier for us all ;)

3. For the Marsha Neal Studio Website, go ahead and enter your cc info. I have to manually enter it all anyway, so I will recalculate your invoice before charging your cc (or send you an invoice via paypal - whatever you prefer).

If you are buying multiple items from both shops at different times as I list new things, make sure that your email address and shipping address are the same so I can look at the orders and know to combine them and adjust the prices and shipping so everything can ship together.

Shipping will all be sent out via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate $5 boxes. So no matter how many pieces you buy, they should all fit into one of these boxes, so I'll adjust your shipping to $5 total. So shop away, as often as you want until midnight Monday...

**If you happen to purchase any of my porcelain pendants at retail cost through a bead shop, online bead store, D7 Studio bead show table OR even an artist that has made a piece of jewelry with one of my pieces in that particular piece, and you have a copy of the receipt (must indicate Marsha Neal Studio pendant with the dates 10/23/10 to 10/25/10 and price paid), I will calculate 30% of what you spent and will give you that much towards your Marsha Neal Studio website or Etsy shop purchase to be used by 10/31/10. This offer has "no cash value" meaning I will not be giving you money back, but you can get more items. Email me if you are confused or have any questions.

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