Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Into My Studio - The Actual Studio Space

Welcome to the Beads-of-Clay Bloggers Open Studio Post where we get to welcome you into our actual physical studios…

The Actual clay working area (wet work, glazing, cleaning, decal pieces - you name it…)

The "New" Business Area...
As I mentioned previously, my studio is undergoing some major transformations in the way that it needs to find maximum flow for creativity to happen.
Starting to organize better for Etsy items...
Studio shelving - lots of tools and texture plates (and who knows what else?!)
Line Curls Texture Plate (large scale - older plate from my tile making days)
Porcelain Tube Beads with new glazes applied. Decals are wanting to go on these!
Chloe checking out my computer while I'm trying to write these blog posts...
Thanks for stopping by my studio…
More in a bit (another giveaway and recipe coming up).

Also, don't forget to make a comment on the main Beads of Clay Blog to get a chance at winning that group of beads. Lots of artist blogs to check out too...


  1. Whew! Makes me feel so much better about my space to know that there is a sister space out there like mine (minus all the clay and such!). Thanks for sharing, Marsha!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Love seeing photos of your space...although it makes me wish I lived in a state where basements exist!

  3. Great space,thanks for sharing with us

  4. Wow! I wish I were that organized :O) Thanks for organizing this event! It's lots of fun :O)

  5. Yea...wish I wish I were that organized too...I start out good...but then it goes downhill to messy fast! Love seeing your pictures of Chloe..she's too cute!

  6. Coming in late to the event. What a gorgeous studio! I could do some serious creating here. Thanks for sharing.

    Your beads are just lovely!!!

  7. I've never seen a cleaner studio! Thanks for sharing your creative space.

  8. Thanks everyone… I avoided shooting the super messy areas for this post. I will do some before and after shots of various areas as I get through them. I'm trying to work on the overall flow, but at the same time, little by little areas. Check out my next "second saturday state of your studio post on BOC" in November to see what area is next… Basements are great to have (although windows would be nice for some natural daylight - the bulbs don't quite do it…). Would love to see the state of your studio or creative space linked up to that blog post...


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