Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bead Fest Or Bust!!!

Bead Fest back in 2004 was my very first bead show that I sold my ceramic pendants.
Talk about start selling your beads at the top...
I learned a lot that weekend!

As a bead maker the arrival of Bead Fest means a mad rush to make new stuff to sell.
I'm still working on glazing and firing a bunch of these brand new bead caps in all sorts of color combinations:
Marsha Neal Studio New Textured Disc Bead Caps
These new items (bead caps, my little bead pairs, and donuts and disc beads) will be for sale at Bead Fest Philadelphia through D7 Studio's booth (#261 & 360) before I list them up in my Etsy shop!

As a jewelry designer, Bead Fest is a three day bead party where you can go and find all kinds of supplies and tools, take classes, see friends, have dinner with a bunch of other Bead Obsessed people and show off all the goodies you got that day...
It. Is. Awesome!!!

We're all going to Bead Fest and hope to get some great beads!
Check out my previous post for links to their shops, blogs & FaceBook pages.
We are all offering a discount (Aug. 10, 11, 12, 2012) to customers using Etsy checkout coupon code: BEADYGIRL

And check out their individual blogs to see about potential giveaways!
I am running a few myself...


  1. Sale section of my Etsy shop marked down 30% from retail pricing.
  2. Coupon code: BEADYGIRL gets you an additional 10% off your entire purchase from my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop.
  3. For every listing purchased in my Etsy shop from Aug. 10 - 12, 2012, that items gets entered into a drawing to win a $25 Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop gift certificate.
  4. Share and promote my work (via Etsy, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, etc), this blog post, this event, then comment on this post or my previous post and you will get entered for a chance to win a second $25 Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop gift certificate (this one is the no purchase necessary giveaway).
  5. BONUS Purchasing Giveaway: One listing from each day (from the sold orders in my shop) will be chosen at random (numbered according to purchase) and I will add in a set of my brand new Textured Disc Bead Caps into that person's order - before they are even available for sale!
Why participate in this sale?
Didn't I just run a sale & giveaway last weekend too?

Yes - well, as I was in my studio this week, working on new beads for Bead Fest,
And fiddling with some simple jewelry design ideas...

Marsha Neal Studio Simple Slip Knot Bracelet

 I got it in my head that I "need" more beads.

JoAnne Zekowski Beads, Marsha Neal Studio Tube Beads, misc spacer beads.

Yes - I hope to go to Bead Fest next week and shop for beads!
My once a year splurge on really great Artist Beads and filler beads...

Leather, Suede, Deer Skin Leather, Hemp, 2mm silk strands.

I am specifically on the look out for beads that can fit 2mm sized leather and related stringing materials in them.

Marsha's Blue Bead Stash - small hole beads.

 Because when I went to pull beads to use with my stringing stash,
all the beads I seem to have are all with teeny holes.

I am hoping this sale will hopefully give me more cash to spend without a huge amount of guilt...
Hence - the (2) $25 giveaways and the bonus bead caps (1 pair each day).

I am happy to refund excessive shipping charges via Pay Pal on Aug 13th or to reserve the listing for you (hoping it does not sell during editing) and remove the shipping charges if you have already purchased one item.

So again - Thank You!
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!!
And have fun shopping so I can go support other artists selling their work at Bead Fest!


  1. Boo hoo I want the bead caps. I shared this post on Facebook. I wish you many sales at bead fest and have a great time. I know you will.

  2. I'm checking out all the blogs and shops. So many great artists. Have fun at Bead Fest. My e-mail is in my blog profile.

  3. Just tweeted about the pre Bead Fest sale.

  4. Just posted about the pre Bead Fest sale and all the shops participating.

  5. I just favorited the 10 silky or fairy ribbon bundle on Etsy. Love the silky ribbons so much!

  6. Just tweeted again. I've hearted at least one thing in your shop. Trying to see what else I might want. Using my sari ribbons I got from you now in my BSBP project. Love them.

  7. Shared via twitter and picked up some cool clay shards!
    twitter: @pugbeader


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