Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alone Time Brunch

Yesterday was my day to head to Bead Fest. After quick good-byes to Dave & the kids I got in the car, put on some music, and started the hour drive to King of Prussia, PA.

I think this was the first time ever going to a bead show that I was not on a time constraint. So I took the back roads through Kennet Square into Chadds Ford (PA). It was so beautiful & calming. It was just what I needed to gather myself from a crazy busy week, and the loss of our older cat Stinker (we decided to have her put down).

Half hour into my drive, I decided to pit stop for a bite to eat at The Terrian at Styers. This Anthropology owned Flagship garden center (I would venture to calling to be an extension of a botanical garden - it would be a botanical garden's dream gift shop and cafe). Inspirational. To shop there on a regular basis would be out of our household budget, but a few things here and there is ok.

So I picked up a Birch Bark planter for creating some interesting photos with my new Terrarium pieces.

I enjoyed French Toast and Applewood Bacon with unsweetened blueberry vanilla iced tea from a mason jar. It was amazing!

The perfect way to have some inspirational alone time. Then go see bead friends (because you know I talked the entire time, only got a few beads, and need to go back today for the things on my list).


  1. So sorry to hear about your sweet kitty, Marsha. I know in sharing our lives with our furry friends, we must sometimes make difficult decisions. I'm sure your girl knew how cherished she was, and was grateful for your thoughtful actions. I hope a well-deserved shopping "vacation", amongst your bead friends, will be the perfect antidote to your sad and crazy week.

    1. Thanks. It was time for her. She was getting old, and things were just not going in a good direction (a month ago, the vet had told us that there was no pill for making her any younger - so true...). I spent the entire two afternoons at Bead Fest talking (barely shopped at all - got some goodies, but nothing from my list that I went with). Seeing friends and being around like-minded people was the perfect refresher for me. I think we need that a few times a year. Even just to get together and work on projects...

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved cat. It is hard when we have to make the difficult decision to let them go. All of my dogs are getting older, two of them are over eleven, so I know that time is coming in my home way too quickly.


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