Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craziness All Around...

I think I am amidst a whirl-wind…

And there is no end in sight…

At least it feels that way...

It has been a summer of tests.
Physiological tests...
There was the spleen and low platelet scare with my husband (he is ok…)

My cousin lost her dear, young son in August.

My dad just found out he has cancer and is traveling up here for surgery & treatment starting this week…
Please pray for a safe surgery, fast recovery, and positive results…

Three grandmothers are under extended care of nurses and close family members.

And Saturday was the funeral for my step-brother Toby.
His death was sudden, so unexpected - and it is so sad for everyone that ever met him.
And especially so for everyone close to him.
I still can't believe he is gone...
I kept expecting to hear his loud voice and bigger presence enter the room where we all gathered for a family lunch after his funeral. 
In a room full of very loud, emotional Italian family members - it was still a bit too quiet.
It just didn't seem right to not have his voice bellowing comments over everyone else...
It shook me to the core - sitting in that loud silence.

But then my heart and mind search to find peace. 
To find comfort. 
And the one really big thing that keeps coming back to me is that in his death, he was able to give himself to help others.
He was an organ donor.
And because he passed from a brain aneurysm, parts of him still live on.
People were called that day with the news that they or their loved one was to receive a transplant that could save their lives…

Oh - and did I mention he was a US Marine?
He was always brave & strong to me.
I always looked up to him - being 8 years older than me & me being maybe 4 or 5 when I met him...
But knowing that he helped others even after he was no longer here -
that just takes him to a whole other level of hero to me.
What an amazing person...
Simply amazing!
Such a goof ball of an older brother.
So beloved by all of his family & friends.
His is missed so much already.
I pray for peace especially for his wife & children. 
And for his parents & my siblings…
May everyone stay together and be strong during such a difficult time.


  1. Oh, Marsha, I am so moved by your thoughts about your brother and his gift of life. I am also so very sorry for your loss. So very many things on your plate over the last months. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. you really have been facing a lot this year... i am so very sorry - individually they are rattling and upsetting... together, well... just keep hugging your kids and your husband... the very best to your dad... and i am so sorry about the loss of your brother... but how wonderful that he wanted to help others...

  3. I am truly sorry to here about your loss of such a wonderful person of your brother. It was a real blessing to have such a person around you in your life. I believe in your strength and love for many through all the hard times that you are going through. I am sending across the ocean all my love and prayers, to you and all your family. xoxoxo

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss. You have had a rough year - hang in there - sending you hugs.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss Marsha, thinking about you and your family. Sending you hugs.

  6. Marsha I am so sorry to learn about your loss. I am holding you in my thoughts and heart and send you support during these hard times.

  7. Thanks everyone! Your kind words bring smiles to my face and feelings of being hugged by your words really helps. It is such a good feeling to have friends out there. I know some of you are going through hard times too - and I'm hugging you right back. Life sure is a roller coaster isn't it?! You're the best!!!

  8. I am so sorry for your loss Marsha. What your brother did as his final act was an amazing gift. A family friend had a kidney transplant when he was in his late teens, and it not only saved but made his life, as he had been ill for most of his life.
    Life definitely is a roller coaster. I hope the rest of your Dad and grandmas recover soon.

  9. ok, meant to say rest of your family, especially your Dad etc! Computers!!

  10. Marsha, sending hugs and strength to help you through this and other family struggles. Joan and Lana


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