Monday, October 17, 2011

Love My Art Jewelry - October Art Spark

I've decided to enter my Porcelain Clay Twirl Shards into the October Art Spark Challenge.
Photo taken by Katy Timney
The theme given by MarieDodd this month is:
Color and Movement
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Clay Twirls
This is one jewelry design that I feel just marries the movement of the metal and clay with such great energy…

Here is my description on how the piece relates to this month's challenge:
Color and Movement… 
For October's Art Spark:
My hands form a ball of clay and compress the particles of earth together.
Over texture plates that clay is rolled and takes the form of these clay shards.
The piece is then dipped into glaze vertically and a brush moves down to the tip, removing excess materials.
After firing, the bare clay is visible yet the glaze has gathered in the deep grooves and shows the strength of its color.
Sterling silver is unwound from its coil, measured, cut, filed, bent, hammered, twirled, embellished with glass beads and hammered again.
The silver wire also holds the clay in place and allows it to gently float back and forth, as a trapeze artist using arms to hold tight and extend the length of the legs to create forward swinging movement.
This movement is actually possible because of the way the ear wire is designed to allow the arch to move, which provides the arms a form to hold onto, while the clay piece swings back and forth.
And just enough sparkle with the glass bead to reflect the light and catch a persons eye.
They are a joy to wear if you like your ears to have most of the fun :)

 And this last photo is from my work table as I was making a bunch of these earrings for selling in my Etsy shop and through Bellefonte Arts Gallery here locally.

Make sure to stop by the LMAJ blog to see all kinds of great handmade jewelry items!


  1. Unusual and nice trendy earrings.The office goers like it this yet dressy to make an impact in the daily life.

  2. You've got the theme down! Hope you win!


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