Friday, October 21, 2011

Color Palette Blog Walk - Round Three...

Welcome to the third round of Brandi's Color Palette Blog Walk.
This is my first time on this blog hop, but not my time pulling colors from photos that inspire me.

The theme of this round is "What is the color of your joy?"

For me right now in my life - my greatest joy is watching my little ones…
To watch their faces light up…
To delight in their antics...
To hear them laugh and see them smile...
To watch them explore the world around them and interact with nature…
To wonder about the people they will grow up to be...

One of the other things that brings me great joy is the use of my hand lens and my iPhone.

When running around with two little ones outside I have found that expensive digital SLR's are just too bulky for me to tote. 
And I am too concerned that it would get damaged if I had to drop it fast to catch one of my adventurers…
Diaper & extra clothes bags have been priority in my life for almost 4 years now.
Oh, I can't wait until Riley (almost 2) is potty trained - then we can really pack light with just the extra clothes...
So the joy that the freedom that my iPhone with Hipstamatic app, and pocket hand lens gives me is priceless.

From my color palettes do you think I'm into muted rich tones?
I find these tones very soothing - which also brings me joy.
Well, the thought of soothing, quite time does anyway…
Not that I ever have any of that (or that I ever will again)...

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Thanks for stopping by!

Think about it every day, realize what it is, then be thankful for it…
Where do you find your joy?


  1. Marsha, I love this glimpse in you've shared with us. Thank you for that!

    I'm not a mom, but I am an auntie, and I know that I find so much joy in my niece and nephew. When they were born, I used to just hold them and look at them and smile. Having children of your own must be incredible - seeing them grow and laugh and play? I think there is a special kind of joy, a pure joy, when kids are involved, don't you? Something precious.

    And I can completely understand needing something more portable, camera-wise! There are days that I feel like I'm lugging my DSLR around just to prove a point.

    P.S. The colors you've shared soothe me, too.

  2. Simply lovely Marsha - I really like the soft but strong palettes you've created, they are so cosy and warm!

  3. Your post is lovely, Marsha. Nothing like the joy and fun from little people..watching them having fun with life. I like your muted palette choices...very seasonal. That pumpkin is amazing, too! Thank you for stopping by,

  4. Love the shots, that pumpkin shot is incredible and I can really get into those palettes especially the last one! Fear not, every mother feels that they will never have quiet time again, ever, but it does come, little pieces at a time and then they get bigger!

  5. Those pictures of your kids are precious! The color palettes are so you as well. Isn't that funny! I have found that red plays an important part in my daily life. Good thing it is at the top of my list of favorite colors and the school colors from all my alma maters!
    And I love the idea of selecting silks to complement color palettes. Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! I hopped on all the blogs earlier, and was delighted to see all the various things that brings us all joy - and realize that we are all so connected by our relationships with other people and with nature. It is great feeling to be connected to so many people through blogging and all this technology.

    PS - I love the way that pumpkin was like a little seat for Riley. I tried to get them both together, but Chloe was in a "mood" that day and wanted to do her own thing - lol...

  7. Oooo... love the color palettes you created! The photos are so fun and inspiring! The first one is my favorite!! :-)

  8. Marsha, I can totally relate to your thoughts on lugging around big cameras and chasing children! :-) I think we both had pumpkins in mind. I love that picture of your son sitting on the great big pumpkin. And I think my favorite colors are the ones in the last picture with the rich plum and teal tones.

  9. I love these pictures, Marsha, and the glimpse they give into your source of joy! The picture of Riley sitting in that big pumpkin is so delightful! My grandson's name is Riley, too. I love the muted, deep color palettes!

  10. Loved seeing your color of joy. Your kids are getting so big. I bought my first pendants from you when you had just found out you were pregnant with Riley. It looks like the commenting function on my blog is working again. Sorry I missed you there.

  11. I love all these palettes! I wish I'd been smarter and picked photos that had more varied colors. That first shot is particularly great!


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