Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finding Color Inspiration...

Where do you find your color inspiration?
iPhone Hipstamatic picture of Venice Beach, FL Fall 2011
I tend to look towards nature…

On Etsy it is amazing to sit and look through tons of Artists work to see their color inspirations and palettes they are drawn to.
Especially paintings and photography.

Can I admit how addicted I am to making treasuries from my favorite items?
The colors alone inspire me...

I'm ok with layers from photoshop or whatever program that enhance the image to take it to the next level…
Actually, I find that visually I prefer it - especially in photographs.
Blurred backgrounds & edges with rich muted colors are stunning.
The Seed by MoonLightPhotography on Etsy.com
Bunny Races by AmberAlexander on Etsy.com
Oh, the colors…
Oh, the artwork!!!
So many talented people out there…

I've got a contest coming up.
Have to come up with a catchy name & parameters.
I would like to have it be a monthly contest.
Has to do with picking out color palettes and translating them into the silks that I sell through my Etsy shop and website.
2mm Silk Knot Bundles of 10 strings
Will have a monthly blog post where people can add their palettes, then favorites will be picked.
You can help get people to vote by posting links through social media outlets. 
Top 3 to 5 will get pulled, and the ones that sell the most in that next month - the winner will get:
1. The silk palette named after them with a thank you link to their Etsy shop in the listing.
2. A bundle of the silk knots in their color palette (qty depends on # sold).
3. Links to their blog and Etsy shop in follow up blog posts about it.

I think bundles that don't "win" can be submitted again.
And that there is a 3 knot, color palette limit to the number of colors each person can submit each month. Not sure though…

What do you think?
Any fun names for the contest?

Check back soon or watch on my FaceBook page for details!


  1. Gorgeous! As soon as I saw the first photo I went and downloaded the Hipstamatic app. But then I couldn't use it! I need to learn all the options first. :/ Great app though. Have a relaxing weekend.


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