Friday, October 28, 2011

Makes More Sense - Hopefully...

Are you a visual person?
I am...
Do you get overwhelmed when looking at something and move onto the next thing fast?
I do…
Do you really enjoy making handmade jewelry as gifts or giving handmade as gifts?
I really do…
And what about getting things on sale and getting chances to win more just for buying things on sale?
Oh yeah! Sign me up!!!

Ok - today is the last day to go to my Etsy shop and use coupon code EARLYBIRD20 to get 20% off items in my shop - until midnight EST tonight (9 hours and counting down). 
For every listing you purchase in my Etsy shop (as of right now as I write this post only 11 listings are qualifying), you get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

I've got more giveaways listed HERE on my other blog post. 
Melinda Orr has a HUGE giveaway on her blog & links to other artists participating in sales & giveaways.
All ends Midnight tonight!

So what have I done to make things more simple for shoppers?
I've organized my Etsy shop and grouped the items in "temporary order".

(I can make any of these shards into earrings btw)…

Page 5 Toggle Shards - Rustic glazes!

(I am making more cutout flower pieces - order one today with the sale & get it in 1-2 weeks)

Page 9 & 10 - Donut pieces & misc pendants

Pages 11 & 12 - Silk Knot Bundles - OOAK palettes
Page 13 - Custom "you pick the color" silk listings for easier shopping to get what you want without having to convo back and forth. Although I'm happy to create any custom listing for you…
I always try to keep these listings to the back of my shop so it is easiest to find them all together.

And with that - this girl is off to get an Elephant and Rapunzel to a costume parade…

Have fun shopping - and as always - THANK YOU!!!


  1. Gorgeous and brilliant! I love how organized it is. A little envious, too. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love how it is organized. Don't change it now that you have done all that work. I hate going to a store with pages and pages of stuff and I have to look at every page to find red flowers or butterflies. Great jpb Marsha.


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