Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hand Painted Silk Color Update...

I have been trying to get to this project for months now, but things just seem to keep creeping in.
But I've chomped away at it little by little and have gotten to this point!

Updated Silky and Fairy Ribbons and 2mm Silk Ribbon Strands…
By Number (last time I did it by color palette).
2011 Marsha Neal Studio Silk Update Set 1
2011 Marsha Neal Studio Silk Update Set 2
2011 Marsha Neal Studio Silk Update Set 3
Some colors have been discontinued because they were custom mixes that ran out of stock, they were discontinued colors (by Ute) or because there was a new color that was pretty close to it and I picked the newer color (one must try to stick to some kind of budget right?).

Now to just get all of my Etsy listings updated…

I was also informed by Ute that a price increase would be coming down the line in early 2012.
Not sure if this will affect my retail pricing yet - not at the fewer quantities anyway.
Most likely you will see the price change at larger quantities & wholesale where there are deeper discounts.

Also, the Marsha Neal Studio Website is still being worked on in behind the scenes.
We're trying to find a cart (near impossible) that will take the discounts I offer with silks.
The way it is set up & has always been is that I will correct the pricing before your cc is charged.
With the cart update though, your cc gets charged automatically, then there are credits and all that mess to take care of.

We'll see how it all works out…

Oh, and now that I've gotten my silk colors update - I'm able to work on my new monthly color palette contest with the silks where you help me pick out palettes of 5 or 10 colors, then they get voted on and the ones that win get the chance to be named after the person that created the palette. 
And of course there will be silks to be had by the winners…
More to come!

What do you think about the colors being by number vs color palette?
If I was designing, I would probably prefer by palette.
Ordering is easier by number though… Hmmm - what to do?


  1. I think it would be easy either way. I love the new color palette's you posted here. Will be watching for your contest.

  2. I definitely chose stuff by color. Is there a way to label it by name and color, they way delicas are?


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