Saturday, October 8, 2011

Second Saturday State of My Studio

Every month I write a post over on the Beads of Clay Blog called:
State of Your Studio
In the BOC calendar, it falls on the Second Saturday of every month.
I've been a bit of a slacker on my MNS blog,
Not writing a post with 2nd Sat deadlines.
But then I have to remind myself that the Inlinkz Gadget is open all month.
And I can write a post, mention BOC and link it up at any time…

Sound like a bit of promotion?
Well, that is where most of my brain power is spent these days.

I am seriously considering creating some online classes about promoting yourself.
Although, I think I am more of an organizer of these things and not really at a promotional stage because I feel that a lot of these don't get the feedback or impact that I "dream" about.
And as an organizer, not quite where I really need to be.
My head has many thoughts that are crazy ideas playing out…
But then reality sets in…
I went to FL to visit with my dad & family because he's got some health issues going on, and I hope that things are ok. We'll see what path he has to go on in a couple of weeks.
Grandma Neal came back with us to visit for two weeks.
She leaves on Tuesday to go back to FL…

And right now, I need to scale back a bit on things I am doing outside of my personal life and Marsha Neal Studio and find my focus again.
My little ones are growing up so fast…
My garden is growing and silently suffering.
Although it would probably say it is doing just fine - without any help from me.
That's what mostly native plant gardens do - grown and take care of themselves.
It is at the end of the growing season, and really all I want to do is get out there and pull the remaining invasives and divide up perennials and put new ones in the ground.

What I should be doing is laying out a better design for my garden.

And for Marsha Neal Studio,
Finding Fall inspiration...
Need to make More little beads.

I am in love with making bracelets with these little beads.
Bracelets available at the Bellefonte Arts Gallery in Wilmington, DE.

I also want to make some toggles with Metal Clay to make more some adjustable silk bracelets.
These use my Fairy Ribbons.
These are simply tie on, and adjustable…
Maybe make or find some other large hole beads without rough parts for the adjustable part.

LeAnne of Summers Studio is an inspiration for grabbing some of that base metal clay to make toggles.
WholeLottaWhimsy for metal clay supplies
Marie Dodd for her ability to look into where you find your creativity.
Oh, and The Painting With Fire Virtual Book Tour - Got to keep up with that!

Here is a quick photo of me, Anita and her sister Chris from Thursdays
NCC Master Gardener trip to the High Line in NYC.
I'll be posting about that amazing trip over on my garden blog soon.
Here is a preview of what it looks like for early fall:
And with that, this girl is off for a mid-morning excursion up to Longwood Gardens with two little cutie pies, a very funny husband, and a seemingly ageless grandmother…

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  1. Wow Marsha. What a fabulous post and update on your life. Love all your wonderful activities. You look very happy. Thanks for sharing all of this.


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