Saturday, October 22, 2011

It Is Saturday Night Specials Time!!!

It is Saturday Night Specials Time again!
Sale runs from 5pm EST Sat to 6am EST Sun.
My Coupon code is SNS20 for 20% off your retail order from my MarshaNealStudio Etsy shop.
A few months ago I heard about this Etsy Team through Aquariann's Blog.
I thought what the heck is a Saturday Night Special and how do you get involved?
Well, what I found out is this:

To add your shop and help promote the team:
1. Anyone can join the team
2. Specials run from 5pm EST Sat to 6am EST Sun
(Hence the "Saturday Night Special")
3. Use team tags in listings and treasuries.
4. List your shop special (coupon code or deal) and post the url of one item from your shop in the specific Saturday post on the team page so that you can be recognized for running a special that night.
5. Update your shop "info & appearance" to list your special & paste a link back to the current SNS thread.

This is a fun team that rules the Saturday Night Treasury Thread with SNS themed treasuries.
And you get to "hang out" with a bunch of fun people!
Don't worry, people with shops aren't always glued to their computer the entire time - just pop in here and there, create treasuries, help spread the word about the specials going on…

So if you love buying handmade:
And are looking at getting something handmade on SALE…
This is your place to be to shop every Saturday night!
Here is a link to the SNS thread for 10/22/11.

Just scroll down the listed shops and see what they are selling and what they are offering for their special tonight, and enter the coupon code at checkout - or whatever directions they provide in their shop header.

Here are a bunch of treasuries created for tonight's SNS too (appearing after 5pm EST)
This gives you a great visual of the different items that are on sale.
And if you are viewing this post after this SNS sale,
Then make sure to check back on the next Saturday Night on

Feel free to share links through twitter, FB, etc!
Happy Saturday Night!

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