Monday, October 15, 2012

Last Sale and De-Stash Day with Lots of Giveaways!!!

Today is the last day for my 2012 Porcelain Pendant De-Stash event!
Marsha Neal Studio Cutout Hibiscus Flower Pendant
$15 pendants are marked down to $5
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Porcelain Pendant Set

$29 pendant sets are marked down to $10

And there is a whole mess of pendants in my Etsy shop marked down 20%,
with most being up to 50% off, like these:
Marsha Neal Studio Chocolate Clay Donut Pendant Sets
You can grab a $20 pair of these Chocolate Clay donut pendants for $10!
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Donut Pairs
I also have listings in porcelain clay too - most are in stock in the above glazes and ready to go!

The Bats are on sale 20% off...
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Textured Bat
I'm just ready to move pieces sitting in my inventory!

Besides - when you purchase something from me during a sale like this - you are just giving me a package to add something extra into as a special gift for you...


Marsha Neal Studio Fall Leaf 2mm Silk Knot Bundle
Winner was picked from customers that purchased on Sunday = Nicole Z! Congrats!!!

Want to see what else you all could win?
(everyone that makes a purchase during the event gets entered):
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Disc Beads in Bohemian Glaze Color Palette
1. Textured Disc set in Bohemian Glaze AND a (10) 2mm silk knot bundle of their choice.
2. Just Added (well - I just pulled these out of the kiln and decided they need to go home with 8 random purchasers from this weekend's event - including purchasers from today!):
Marsha Neal Studio 2-Hole Donut in Stormy Night Sky
(every listing purchased today, Monday, 10/15/12, the last day of this event will get entered)
9 random listings sold today will be picked to win one of each of these:
Marsha Neal Studio Porcelain Decal Pendants
So far today, there have been 8 listings purchased.
Want your chance at one of these, and all of the other drawings?
Jump on over to my Etsy shop or Website and purchase whatever you want - Today!

Don't have the $$ to spend, but want a chance to win something (I know how that feels!!!)

If you help me share this event socially (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Hearting items on Etsy, etc) then comment on this blog post, your comment gets you entered to win this:
Marsha Neal Studio Spiral Beads in Garden Bloom.
Thanks again to everyone making purchases and helping me spread the word about this event!
It has been SO much fun doing this for a third (and maybe final time!).

After my week break at the end of October, I look forward to returning back to studio time with a fresh creative beginning...

Good luck with the drawings everyone!!!
I'll announce winners sometime Tuesday once I get things organized...


  1. Just tweeted about the last day of the sale.

  2. Posted in my facebook group, Etsy/Artfire United.

  3. I just shared your sale on Facebook.

  4. Marsha, I hope your week is filled with family and fun.

  5. Hope you had a good time with your family and this weekend, chilling. Did you ever announce all the winners from your Destash sale? I missed it if you did. I got my beads and loved them. I posted feedback on etsy, but is there a way to post feedback on your site for the beads I bought there? Didn't see it, but might have missed that, too.

    1. Wow - Where did the time go?! I have my notes on the winners, but never published them (I can do a post - or maybe just list here - wonder if people want their names out. Maybe just initials. Never sure if people care or don't about other people knowing where they purchase and if they do. I know I tend to hide shoe purchases from my husband - at least I did when we had a car with a trunk - lol). What I did was organize the orders, number the purchasers and sorted everyone into the different categories they qualified for. I used the random generator ( and picked the winners. I circled them on the paper and then after I pulled all the orders, I sorted all the winnings and extras into everyone's little bin. Some people won more than one of the giveaways (since there were multiple ways to qualify). So if you received any of the pictured pieces above in your shipment, you won a giveaway...
      I've got my list here and will add a comment with the initials of the winners :)

      Thanks to everyone!!! And Congrats to the ones that won the drawings! I hope you are all enjoying your pieces!

    2. Crap. I had the list. I cleaned my desk top and the yellow paper with all the names is the one from my previous destash. I will come across it, and will post when I do. Now for the Silk challenge winners - going to go pick one now while my head is in it! :)


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