Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Terrarium Sculpture Projects

Bits and pieces for this project have been coming together for years. At first these pieces were large thrown forms to be installed in my Masters Degree final project (with thoughts about being in the garden, but put aside because of freeze and thaw issues).

After grad school I started making beads and traveling around the US to sell them. Fast forward to becoming a mom & being burnt out creatively from a successful run of bead making production work. Enter the find one's creative voice phase (this takes some time and inspiration at a core level).

Go back to nature. Go back to texture and color. Find joy within places of retreat and imaginative play as a child (now that my daughter is approaching the magical age of 5, remember what new discovery is like). Find little places. Discover the small details. Remember things from along this journey. About remembering form. About creating texture. About thinking things through and seeing how parts join or are they growing like that...

Be inspired by beautiful things. Look at goals, remember there are opportunities along the way. Fill your heart with passion for expression and then let the obsessive creative flow take over.

Figure out how to create and move past things that hold you back.
In my case - how to create and fire these small porcelain bits without the excessive use of epoxy when they are done. That part would drain the creative flow for me.

Ah.Ha! The architectural, heavily grogged clay body that I have had since after Grad school some 11 years ago (was intended to make outside sculpture). You will be formed into slabs for kiln furniture so I can fire these newer terrarium sized pieces!

Oh, the excitement of things coming together...

More to follow as pieces dry and the kilns get fired up.

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  1. Yeah! Looking so forward to these. Have fun creating...


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