Sunday, October 7, 2012

Genea Glass Head Pins and Marsha Domed Discs

Do you ever get blazing ideas & inspiration, then have it stall? Well I did (but the stall was due to needing teeny o-rings, then Dave ending up in the hospital).

I found the teensy o-rings from Yvonne from "My Elements". In SO many great colors & I got rubber tubing from her as well. These parts were needed to keep my porcelain domed pieces in place over Genea's beautiful glass headpins (on steel wire).

Yesterday, out came the head pins that I had previously matched up with my pieces. I used a bit of green scrubby to get the rust off of the wire, coated with Ren. wax, added O-rings, porcelain domed disc, then O-ring pushed into the disc hole, then wire wrapped in place.

Then I ran out of play time & had kids to attend to.

So my question is this:
1. Are you, as a jewelry designer a bit intimidated buying pieces separate & hoping they fit?
2. Would you prefer to buy them together either where I have stopped right now (wire wrapped and sealed with Ren wax with o-rings in place) OR as separate components that have been dry fitted by me?
3. Or would you rather just buy them in a finished jewelry piece? Say earrings or maybe a small sculptural non-jewelry piece?

Now for the pics (blogging from my phone - sorry... All at the end and out of order).


  1. The way I work, I prefer to mix and match. If I bought things that deliberately fitted each other, I'd worry that so would many others, and my jewellery could end up pretty samey, if you know what I mean. So I would either buy things like this totally separately (but maybe with a note in the listing saying - these items work perfectly with item x etc), or as finished jewellery.

  2. My choice: wire wrapped, sealed with wax, with O rings in place. 'love your new designs Marsha.

  3. For me, pieces parts, although I could see these as a kit. I would want to assemble them myself, but then also have the option to buy more of any of the parts in case inspiration took me elsewhere, as it often serendipitously does. I love these, BTW, both as parts and as finished units. GORGEOUS!

  4. Hey Marsha! These look great! I will answer these from my perspective...
    1. This is a good question, I know since both of our parts are handmade they might not always fit perfectly. I was noticing that when I was trying to fit my pins with your caps. Luckily if mine don't fit I can make some that do. So that being said I think it would be good to sell ones that fit either finished or just loose so the designer can finish them.

    2. It might be nice to have the wraps coated if they are finished. I was pondering this when I was selling the headpins. My thought was do I coat them in Ren Wax incase the designer doesn't? Do I assume that the designer will coat them properly? Do I leave them "naked" so that designers can buff them, patina them or coat them? I got responses to leave them "naked". So I clearly stated to coat them after making them into jewelry pieces.

    ** Great idea with the rubber o's as "bumpers"! Also upon getting more into some copper wire working and a new project I am doing. I have been coating my wire in clear guard(2 coats). I have not ben ren waxing them. I have been told that more coats and adding ren wax is good for pieces that have a lot of the different patinas to seal in the coating. So this is new info and experience from working on more pieces.**

    3. Me personally I can finish mine, but let's be honest... the whole process of sealing them and waiting takes awhile( I just spent the last two days making, hammering, patinaing, and coating pieces). I have been ANXIOUSLY waiting for my pieces to dry so I can work them into jewelry. So it might be nice to have these ready to use ;)

    Oh btw... I saw you said you had to buff off some rust. I keep mine in zip locks until I use them. I heard that according to area, humidity, and moisture of the environment that can make them rust more easily. I also store my bagged headpins in a 3 drawer plastic organizer on a vellux bead mat. I don't know if that makes a difference or not ;)

    I hope this feed back and info helps :)

    xo Genea

  5. I like to get unusual or beautiful pieces . Shopping for beads and components is part of the fun of beading for me.

  6. Personally- I would buy separate pieces. However, I really love your charms you made, as is. I would probably be more inclined to buy them as jewelry or sculpture. Hope that helps! (and I saw your terrarium pieces coming together, LOVE!)


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