Monday, October 1, 2012

Earrings and Necklace Success - To Do List Checking Off

I love this style of earring. The shape of the bead is just so feminine...
I just needed the time to sit and make them.
Today was that day!

I usually go with smaller pendants for earrings like the right side of this next photo:

But I am test - wearing them and I really like the way the larger ones look with my haircut. And big plus: I made the pendants thin enough that they aren't crazy heavy (I can't stand having tired and sore ear lobes!)

And the bat pendants...
Two holes both wire wrapped (4" of 20ga wire).
For this green & brown necklace, I used (2) of the 2mm silk strands. I cut each length in half. Then took a green half and brown half and threaded it through the bat pendant loop & secured with a simple knot.
I measured 9" from the pendant up the silks and created a wire looped wrapped closure (I started with 4" of 20ga wire, but wanted more wrap, so increased it to 8" for the second necklace. The repeated for the other side and added a quick lobster claw for a closure.
So I hope this gives you a quick general stepping stone of what you can do with these two hole pendants (ooh - thought: the bats like the first earrings?!).
I will be photographing new pendants just out of the kiln for listing on Etsy & my website!
I am SO excited that October is here and we are having great fall weather! My favorite time of the year!!!
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  1. 'love the earrings, and the way your created the necklace. Well done!

  2. really wonderful, marsha - i agree, those crescent shapes do make for beautiful earrings - so glad you put your spin on the shape!
    and you know i love those halloween pendants!

  3. I love the shape of the earrings. Like you, I can't wear heavy earrings for long so I'm glad these work. I love the clever bat pendant too!

  4. Very beautiful blog with nice creations!!!I would be very happy to see you on my blog too!!Kisses from Greece!!

  5. Lovely earrings Marsha. Love the colors and the shape. Cool wire wrapping.


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