Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bead De-Stash Continues and Sunday Sales Giveaway

My final planned porcelain pendant De-Stash event is going on through Monday, Oct. 15, 2012.
And I'm going to do a Giveaway for Today: Sunday, Oct 14 sales!
Porcelain Pendants From The Marsha Neal Studio Website For De-Stash
There are a few pieces in my Etsy shop Destash Section - almost all Sets:
Marsha Neal Studio Etsy De-Stash Section
And more on my Marsha Neal Studio Website:

There are also some $5 individual pendants on my website as well (the ones in the top photo are from the remaining ones from this morning - some beautiful ones)...

Coupon code: FreeShip can be used in either of the shopping carts once you have made your initial purchase and have paid for shipping (this is to avoid excessive shipping fees, refunding and losing portions of that refund to PayPal fees).
*If you are purchasing via website, make sure you hit "View Cart" to enter your coupon code. If you hit "checkout" first, you won't see the coupon code option.*

Bohemian Palette Textured Discs (purchaser giveaway)

If you have made a purchase at all during this De-Stash event, you are entered to win a set of my Bohemian Color Palette Textured Disc Beads (pictured above) AND a 2mm Silk knot bundle (10 strands) of your own color choice.

Garden Bloom Spiral Beads Promotional Giveaway
If you are helping me promote this sale throughout this weekend and Monday via social media outlets (twitter, fb, pinterest, etc) and then you comment on either of these blog posts (Friday's Post), you get entered to win this above set of Garden Bloom Spiral Beads!

If you make a purchase from my Etsy Shop or Website Today (10/14/12),
You will automatically be entered to win this 2mm Fall Leaf Color palette knot of silks (there are 10 strands in this knot).

So that means that if you are purchasing and sharing news about this sale, and you comment that you are doing so here, on my blog posts, you are getting chances to win all of this:
 Just for grabbing up some of my work (on Sale!)...
Think of all the cool things you could make with this stuff!

Thanks for sharing and shopping!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I bought lots of your sale items! Thank you for having the de stash!The ribbons are gorgeous.

    Best wishes

  2. I shared at Keepsakes by Kristi and I bought! Yipee! (and I want to buy more)

  3. Awww, I bought yesterday, but I did tweet today about the sale.

  4. Just posted to my facebook page.

  5. Oh my goodness, you always sweeten the pot even more!! Thank you for explaining the free shipping on your own website too... I can hardly control myself

  6. I have pinned those gorgeous silks!

    1. Congrats Emma!!! This comment was the one from the three blog posts that was picked to win the "Garden Bloom" set of spiral beads for helping me share this event socially! THANK YOU!!! I will put these in with your beads from the sale! :)

  7. I love these. OMG I would love to win. I never catch these things in time. I have talked you up on fb when I design with you. I will mention this. Not sure if it is over.

  8. Tweeted one last time. Hope you had a good sale.

  9. Thank you for this awesome sale and giveaway! I can't believe you are also having such an awesome giveaway!

    I actually posted on my FB page before I read this blog, so I am a step ahead!

  10. Ha! I missed seeing your reply above that I won the garden bloom beads. I was coming by to thank you! As I was openning my package I did the "...wait a sec, what's this long skinny one" I was so excited I had to open the rest, make sure it was really my order lol. So generous, such a treat! Thanks Marsha!!


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