Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silk Color Palette Challenge Round 1 March to May

I asked 12 different bead artist and jewelry designer friends to pull color palettes from this collection of photos...
1. Carrie Can Blog
2. CreativeRuts on Tumbler
3. The Lurie Garden's Salvia River 4. Marsha Neal Studio Macro Cone Flower
Click on the above names and you can go to the source for the image & check out their great blogs & flickr accounts...

... And pull colors from the silks that I sell to come up with a (10) 2mm silk ribbon knot bundle.

It always seems like so much more fun when you have friends that have common obsessions interests to go in with you and pull something like this together...
Marsha Neal Studio Silk Ribbon color selections on flickr.
So what is the point of this exercise you may ask?
Basically to get your brain moving and to kick start some new ideas.
To see how you can pull colors from inspirational sources.
Then put together palettes of materials (starting with these silks) add other jewelry making supplies such as beads, various metal, found objects, jewelry findings, whatever you want!
And come up with new ways to use these things together then blog about them & network.

And there is no denying that I would like to sell some of these silk knot bundles & offer some as giveaways to help entice you to get involved in on this fun.

There will be a 2nd round starting on May 3, 2012 (click for details) and anyone willing to come up with a new palette and post a link is invited to participate!

So here are the twelve silk knot color palettes that my friends came up with which you can now purchase through my Website or Etsy shop.
Catherine Pruitt of Boo Beads Jewelry
Cilla Watkins of Tell Your Girlfriends

Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati Jewelry

Genea Crivello-Knable of Genea Beads

Kim Roberts of Bahama Dawn

Kristi Harrison of Keepsakes By Kristi

Lesley Watt of Thea Jewelry

Marla James of Marla's Mud

Melinda Orr of Melinda Orr Designs

Shannon Chomanczuk of For My Sweet Daughter

Staci Louise Originals and Artisan Accents

Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads
Why should you purchase these?
1. You can help these 12 artists reach milestones of silk knot bundles sold & they get free stuff (you could be one of these lucky 12 next time if you come up with a palette & get voted in).

2. For every 1 palette that you purchase in these 12 finalist palettes during this 1st round - ends May 2, 2012, you get 1 entry into winning a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Pieces Gift Certificate.

3. There will be design challenges hosted here on my blog designed around the inspirations from these silk knot bundles and inspirational photographs for anyone purchasing these palettes & using them in their designs, then entering the design challenge posts.
Prizes for winners will be determined as events are scheduled.

Oh, and don't worry, there will be some blog post tutorials coming up on how to use these in some basic ways to create jewelry.

And there is always this awesome new book "Bohemian Inspired Jewelry" by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel coming out soon (2012) where you can see how they used some of these silks in projects:
Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel

Shop for Silk Knot Bundles on Marsha Neal

Shop for Silk Knot Bundles on Marsha Neal Studio
For 1 knot. For 2 knots. For 3 knots. For 4 knots. For 5 knots. For 10 knots.
UPDATE: VOTING CLOSED (it was only until March 4th).
Help your favorite artist win (and get a chance at winning more stuff by buying your favorite palette!)


  1. These are all lovely palettes, and it was difficult to choose just one. But I managed to make a decision. How fun!

  2. Beautiful -- and inspirational -- palettes! I agree, really difficult to choose which one to vote for. But I did manage to pick a favourite in the end.

  3. Indeed, all of these are luscious and lovely palettes. I chose one with the thoughts of spring in mind, still keeping with my rich, royal deep hues that I love. Great idea Marsha, have fun with it all.

  4. What wonderful eye candy! Love looking at this page!!! Voted. Off to vote again, I have def. favorites.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Oh my, all of them are beautiful! But I did manage to vote :)

  6. Wow, wonderful blog post...this is great! Voted!! :)

  7. Love the Bahama Dawn Palette!!

  8. I voted it was very hard to just pick one, but I went with my first choice. Good luck to everyone playing along.

  9. Boy, what a hard choice! They're all beautiful, but I did decide on one. This is so much fun!

  10. This was a difficult decision since I love all of them! But, I did decide on one finally! What fun!

  11. I voted! It was really difficult to determine which I liked the best. I love sweet succulents. What a great contest!

  12. All so lovely! I think it is marvelous that so many different interpretations can be pulled from the same inspiration. Enjoy the day!

  13. Dear Marsha, I am so glad to see your latest activity. I am going to write about it in my new blog Beadwonders
    I voted, of course.. :-)

  14. They are ALL so lovely (and how can they not be with your lovely silks) but I'm absolutely drawn to Kim's Bahama Dawn palette. Those are my colors all the way. What fun!

  15. I loved! It was a tough decision, they are all beautiful!

  16. Finally got the gadget on my blog too!

  17. SO hard to pick just one!

    Lisa Staten

  18. They are all beautiful - it was hard to choose one, but I did... I'd love to win a silk bundle!

  19. These colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  20. I shared on fb :-) and my blog, and my husband's fb :-)

  21. Voted. But what a difficult choice!

  22. It's a tie for votes for Erin and Staci for their palettes - so they will both get a free bundle of the 2mm silk knot bundles!

  23. Ok - now time for the each voter to get their chance at winning. If anyone posted more than one time, your first comment will be counted as your chance, and the others will be ignored for this count and the comment after it will take that number place (makes sense to you I hope?!)...

    So out of 26 comments total (1 per person) picked # 23 Shannon Chomanczuk - Congrats!!!


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