Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tagged Monarch Sighting

Chloe and I were out in the garden the other day (8-25-08) watching the flowers grow and the insects going about their daily activity when a tagged Monarch Butterfly stopped by. I was taking lots of pictures of garden things for some new pieces I'm going to be working on. I already have some Monarch pictures since they have been in our garden quite a bit. But I noticed this tag on it from the University of Kansas and I knew that there was no way of remembering the tag information, so I quick snapped it and plan on emailing them to let them know one was sighted here in northern DE.

I used to work in the butterfly house just up the road at the Ashland Nature Center, and I just love the butterfly visitors to our garden. I do love gardening and am quite the novice at it. I usually go by my gut with gardening and hope that over time as some plants make it and some don't that I can get it established to be beautiful and healthy. As you can see in the picture below - I'm also trying some pumpkins so that once the annuals are gone, we have some cool fall plants (and pumpkins to carve for Halloween... we love Halloween pumpkin carving!!!). I think this picture was taken after I did some deadhead cutting (getting rid of the flowers that already bloomed, so 2 can take it's place). More recent pictures should show even more flowers...

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