Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where Did Autumn Go?

It seems like just yesterday we were looking at the beautiful leaves on the trees.
Then overnight, they all fell off and into our yard.
I had thrown out my back on Friday
and Dave said no to me trying to help clean up the yard on Sunday
even though I was feeling a bit better...
(and I know better, I've got to admit he is just about always right!)

So here are some pictures of the big pile of leaves that he made for Chloe on Sunday.
She isn't walking yet, and was a bit unsure at first...
But as you can see by the smile on her face
(the "ham" face as Dave calls it)...
She loved it!

So for now, the trees are bare.

My garden has gone to its winter rest.

The birds & squirrels are cleaning out the feeders every day.

And I am working on new designs for my new infant apparel line

with my friend Kim from AspenWear.

The website is still being updated - it is getting an overhaul - very time consuming!

We're busy as ever!

Hope everything is well with you all!

Thanks for reading...

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