Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potential New Glaze Colors

I just got some new glazes just the other day and couldn't wait to run a test firing.

This may not look like much more than a bunch of lines of frothy colors, but in person, there are some yummy details that have some great potential for becoming new glaze colors for my pendants. Most of the colors are brown/tan with a combination of blues, greens & purples.

The way I test glazes is in two parts:

First is on a pendant fired vertically - this will give a result close to how the actual pendant will look. These start as one color only and can be somewhat mediocre by itself.

Second is on a larger test tile as you see above which is fired horizontally on the kiln shelf.

This particular test tile has 5 glazes, each brushed once vertically, once horizontally which gives me 15 squares of different color to see.

If I'm not too particular with trying to keep it neat and perfect, sometimes there is a 3 glaze overlap and additional potential glazes can be found (enough to make a girl all giddy with color joy)!

The color of the actual tile is so much more vivid than the picture - and once I do more testing I'll post new pictures.

I'm thinking that for my Early May challenge may be a "name the new glazes" drawing where the person that submits the name I pick for the glaze will win a gift certificate to Marsha Neal Studio Online Shopping Cart.

And I'll have the new glazes available for seeing, voting and purchasing through my booth at Bead Fest Wire over the weekend of May 1-3.

Also, if you are interested in getting a free one day pass to Bead Fest Wire, my friend Darlene will have a few of them available at her booth (D7Studio) this weekend at the Innovative Beads Expo show in Edison, NJ. Once they are gone, that's it - so get there early.

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