Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas and Baby Countdown Is On!!!

Ok, so I've been thinking in my head that the countdown to baby #2 arrival is on...
I know Riley's due date is officially January 13 (was January 1, but we weren't sure, so an ultrasound early on was needed, and thus: January 13th).

About 3:30am yesterday (Thursday) I woke up and couldn't get comfortable and fall back asleep.
Usually getting up to pee, then drinking some water, and getting back into bed to lay on one side or the other does the trick, but not yesterday...
I thought, hmmm... maybe something I ate?
Maybe bloated or gas?
Being extremely tired, all I could do was toss and turn...
I found myself trying to stretch out my legs, my hips, my back, anything to relieve the pressure,
but nothing helped.
Our one cat Stinker just sat there staring at me, softly meowing, and pawing at me...

By 7:30am I got my butt out of bed and into a nice warm shower.
By then I knew something was up...
Mind you, in my last pregnancy I was induced, then had an epidural, so this kind of cramping is not "that" familiar to me.

It had to be contractions...
My entire stomach was seizing up, and it would last, then stop, then start up again...
So Dave and I frantically (I think he was the frantic one) got things together for Chloe and the cats...
He took a small amount of time to let work know he was going to be busy for the day, took a few calls, and then dashed about getting Chloe to school while I just sat and dealt with the contractions.

When we got to the hospital, they monitored me to see what was going on for a while...
And it turns out that I am slightly dilated, 40-50% effaced, and was having irregular contractions.

The doctors seem to think that I may be delivering early again - around 37 weeks, if not 36 weeks (36 weeks is next Wednesday).
Just not right now... 35 is too early... We want a baby with developed lungs and as little complications as possible.

I know I am getting tired of being pregnant, but yesterday was a big wake up to me thinking that he may arrive early. So now I'm really just taking it easy and drinking lots of water in hopes of holding onto the pregnancy for at least one more week, if not a little longer...

And of course, a picture of our little Chloe with her countdown to Christmas all over the world calendar (from her Nonna... it was Dave's favorite thing when he was young). I loved that she had her little slipper/boots on, and still decided to step into my shoes to try to reach up even further.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days and have emailed me, there is a good chance I may be in the hospital with our newest little one...
We've got up to a month to go... But we'll see...

Hope you all have a Great Holiday Season!


  1. Breathe in...breathe out...
    I am saying little prayers for you and floating them on a winter's breeze that this baby is NOT an early Christmas does January 3rd sound? (That is my sister's birthday and would get you through the holiday stress at least ;-)
    That is the cutest shot of Chloe stepping up. We never got out the homemade advent calendar wreath from my favorite aunt this year. Too busy with the move...
    Yep. Just sent another little prayer your way.
    Now go and enjoy the day (as quietly as possible).

  2. best best luck - will be thinking of you all and wishing you an easy delivery and healthy baby! and get some rest!

  3. Warm wishes for you and your new baby. At least wait until my birthday, well mine and Brad Pitt's, the 18th.
    Stay in bed as much as possible and relax.
    I'm praying for your baby to be healthy and strong.

  4. Im keeping my fingers crossed that baby stays snug as a bug inside mom..but if he arrives early.. then I hope it is without any complication! Thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts! xo

  5. You get in bed and rest. I am thinking good thoughts for you two.
    Keep us posted, Jennifer

  6. Rest,relax, deep breathes, calming thoughts. I'm sending you positive thoughts and wishing you the very best.

  7. Oh my gosh! Hang in there awhile longer, Riley. It's not time yet. Thoughts and prayers coming your way, Marsha. Hoping all goes perfectly when the time comes.

  8. Good luck Marsha! All of us at the Green Girl household have you in our thoughts and are wishing you a safe, easy birth for you and your baby!


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