Thursday, December 8, 2011

What A Time This Will Be To Remember...

It is hard to describe where I am at right now. 
Life is SO all over the place.
I feel like my head is in a bit of a bubble - or at least it is trying to fight to stay there - just for a bit…

Four years ago today, I was in the hospital, delivering my little Chloe.
For as wonderful as the experience was, I still miss the version where my mom was there with me.
Not that the one I have isn't good enough - it was perfect and full of laughter (yes - we laughed!)
But still. I always had envisioned my kids being born with my mom there with me.
In a way - I know she was there…

So today my Chloe woke up as a 4 year old and got some email from her friends...

We made some pink cupcakes with purple icing & sprinkles for her to take to school today…
She got a Princess Tiana doll this morning & maybe another after dinner tonight (depends on if the 4 year old Chloe version comes with the "listening ears" update - lol!)
I can't believe she is 4. I loved her being 3! I so look forward to seeing how 4 is :)

And yesterday, my Step-Brother (I would say brother, but that gets confusing…) & Sister-In-Law in FL had a little baby boy! 
A new nephew Tristan (He is beautiful!!).
He and Chloe were both delivered the same amount of three weeks early. 
I was due on Dec. 26, she was born on the 8th. 
She was due on Dec. 25, he was born on the 7th.
With three Dec. birthdays (Riley is the 28th) all within 4 years of age - we're going to have to plan some fun family outings to Disney around Christmas… 
It will be so much fun!

And in NYC, Duckie is hanging out with my Dad & Step-Mom.

Very shortly (minutes at this point) Right now, my dad is undergoing surgery to remove an organ and the cancer that decided it wanted to call it home. I pray that the surgeon has steady hands and sharp eyes to cut carefully and without harming him in other ways…
We all want my dad around for years to come…
He has a new grandson to meet, hang out with and get addicted to trains (as the other three are!)
We have lots of plans for just being around dad.

Goes to show that life has its own plans. 
And you never know where your life will end up or what will come knocking on your door from day to day.

Oh, and speaking of life changing. I've decided to try some fasting and cleansing (Isagenix) for this body of mine that has been stress eating comfort foods (so not good for my border-line bad cholesterol) since summer. I could totally see myself continuing to make cookies, cakes, mashed potatoes & living off of chips & other crap - but I am taking control. 
Cold turkey. Well, cold shakes actually...
Dave is doing it too (along with 3 other family members). 
So for a while I'm going to just hang in tight and finish up some orders, then just be here for a while…
Drinking my shakes…
On days like today, I am thankful for having this other path for my health to keep me in control. 
It is SO mental, and I really want to go dive into something else. But I'm not. 
I'm staying strong and taking care of myself so I can be around for as long as possible, and in good health to enjoy life with my kids and hopefully one day - grandkids (maybe great grandkids too :)

This will be a time to remember for a long time…
What a crazy path we are all on right now!


  1. Marsha, may the day be good and your future days be happy and joyful. Joan T

  2. Do all you need to regroup and feel/be better. And I hope all goes well with your dad's surgery and recovery.

  3. Thinking good thoughts and sending well wishes for you and you whole family! Enjoy every day!

  4. Miss Marsha, I am sending warm and fuzzy thoughts your way. So glad that you are taking control. So happy that your dad is getting the treatment he needs. So delighted to see that little princess and her pretty cupcakes celebrating. So glad that I have you as a friend.
    Enjoy the day.

  5. Happy Birthday Chloe!! I can remember when my kids were 4 (now 6,7,9) and 4 is such a fun age!! :) You will love any toy you receive, you will want to make up your own mind and be the boss at times, and everything is exciting!! :)

    Marsha, so good meeting you and getting to know you this year! Not only do you make a wonderful product, but you are a wonderful person!

    Praying for your dad...hoping you have him around for many years to come!!

  6. Marsha, I am sending well wishes for all of you!, And a happy birthday :-)

  7. Thinking of you & your family. Sending healing thoughts to your dad.

  8. One of my favorite sayings- life is what happens while you are making other plans. so true! My other favorite is life is too short to wear tight shoes. That one really hits home for me. Remember to take care of yourself, because your family needs you!


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