Monday, February 27, 2012

Silk Color Palette Challenge Coming March 1, 2012

I'm working behind the scenes on a few projects right now...
Feeling just slightly overwhelmed - but getting through it little by little.

The first project that I am working on getting finalized is that on Thursday, March 1st - there will be a new post for the Silk Color Palette Challenge.

What is a Silk Color Palette Challenge? 
You'll have to check back soon for details (silk bundles, inspirational photos, 12 artists picked to participate already, chances at giveaways for purchasing silks, selling silks, etc). I am creating a page right now with all the details & sending the current 12 artists their info so they can get their blogs ready.

For this and future Silk Color Palette Challenges, I've updated my silk color choice photos and have added them to my Flickr account for people to use to create custom palettes for my future challenges.

I use BigHugeLabs mosaic maker to do things like this:
These are all of my 74 colors that I'm offering for 2012 in the Hand Painted Silks.

These three images are used in my Etsy shop listings (which also needed an update).

These three images I use for my business use and you are welcome to share them without removing my information.
However, if you also sell these silks, Do Not use my images for your listings.
Create your own by photographing silks yourself & in a different style so our shops are not confused.

Keep an eye out...
Oh, and I am also working on photographing these new bead sets for listing in my Etsy shop later this week. Make sure you are on my mailing list for a head's up!
Marsha Neal Studio Beads (8 sets of 2 bead pairs on most strands).


  1. Totally crushing on those new beads you are showing! Looking forward to the big reveal.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh, I wish I'd known about your Silk color challenge. I would have loved to play. But will be watching for all the posts.


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