Saturday, January 19, 2013

Progress and Thoughts

Finally! I spent some time in the studio with these pieces again. It has been far too long...

I cut and cleaned the steel wire for these head pins (my friend Nikki of Thornburg Bead Studio makes them).

And used Epoxy to set them into place. Now they are dry and I could play with then.
Just like anything new - I like to see how they look and hold up. Do I need to change anything before selling them?

Now for photographing them. How do I want to do that?
I need to get some nice house plants and terrarium shots for some that I have in mind, but what about the every day sell them shots?

So I grab what I can find: I had a brand new block of that green oasis (must be in that "safe place where I can easily find it" because I cannot find it...
Oh we'll. the one that was poked at by my Chloe (5) will have to do.

I remember being a kid and loving to do that too (heck - I still do!)
Just fill it in with little other bits - not a big deal for this purpose.

Cover it with moss (just randomly spritz the moss with water to keep it alive over time). This is a messy process, so do it somewhere that can be wiped easily.

Then fiddle with accents.
Wait. Isn't this a prop for photo shooting? ADHD kicked in and I totally started fiddling...

Oh - wait didn't I make other things intended to use in little terrarium type planters?

The little turtle I made for Chloe (was in one of those shape cutter sets from the store and I added some texture to the shell).

My friend Nikki sent me a photo of a few sets she had fiddled with, and she added a couple of her head pins that she spiraled the steel base, then put them in as accents. Perfect!

But this is such a small space, and my brain says too much. Well maybe. Then decided upon that this is one of the joyous things about this line of work I am now making... That it is a changeable display. It will change to suit your mood as you move pieces. Remove some. Add others.

And then there is the "put some into house plants to be found by curious eyes". It reminds me of the holiday tradition of hiding the Christmas pickle ornament on the tree. Makes people stop and take a look at the details when they know something may be there hiding - waiting to be found...

So this is where I am at with this.
I am dedicating more time this week coming up for photographing this new work.
Then a website and or Etsy shop update...

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