Friday, February 22, 2013

Starting The Move To WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, I started to set up a self hosted WordPress Blog for Marsha Neal Studio.

The plan is to streamline EVERYTHING for me and get my "brand" cohesive.

It's a lot of work trying to figure it all out, but I think I'll be really happy I made the move (after a few years of thinking about it).

With my new line of work starting to emerge, I think this is the perfect time to transition.

And once I get brave enough, I'm going to use a plug-in over there that is supposed to import all the posts from this blogger blog over there to my WP blog.

This is just one of the ten balls I have up in the air right now!
How has your 2013 been so far?


  1. I'll be able to follow ya over there..I signed up but didn't set up a blog yet...good luck with everything...sounds like your well on your way to knocking those ten balls into a perfect strike...xox

  2. Awesome stuff, Miss Marsha! I have all but come to a standstill on the creative front. I think that my life is so messy, figuratively and metaphorically, that I can't get in the zone to create anything that isn't just staying afloat. I need more hours in my day devoted to this. But I am hoping to actually use my website and develop that more this year. As well as coming up with a whole new direction. So maybe I am just in the incubation stage and will hatch my very best self this spring. I am hopeful! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Best of luck with many changes ahead, Marsha. Keep us up to date on things, so we can continue to follow you.

  4. Congrats to you, Marsha! I've been tumbling the same things around in my head but never come to a conclusion! I started to build a new site on Word Press, but didn't finish it. Now every time I want to leave a message on a Word Press blog, it wants me to log in, and I never remember the password! UGh! I've also played around with WIX, but haven't figured out all the ins and outs to make that happen. I must settle down one day and research things more carefully! In the meantime, hope YOU have a very happy move! --Sharyl

  5. I love the headpins! I just started wordpress ( but never blogged anywhere else b4) I'm wondering how to link up follow people & promote my pg. to others too, it seems a bit difficult. shoot I can't even figure out how to link the de easy blog to my pg.


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