Friday, June 22, 2012

Finalists Palettes And Giveaway Winners Announced

It has been so wonderful having so many creative people involved with this Silk Color Palette Challenge.
Thank You Everyone that submitted a palette for this round!

I'm delighted to move into Round 2 with 12 new palettes chosen to be sold in my Etsy shop and on my Website. And to continue with design challenges for both Round 1 and Round 2 silk palettes.

After I finish photographing these new 12 palettes, edit them, and upload them, they will be available for purchase.
I really hope to get it done sometime on Saturday, but with two little kids and being the weekend and all - Monday might be the day I get more done.
That's Life right...

Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette, Twelve Round 2 Finalists Palettes
The 12 palette image above from Left to Right:

Palettes in order of 8 top voted for:
Natalie Alexander: Baby Yawns (51 votes)
Lee Koopman: Elven Woods (45 votes)
Kathy Lindermer: Down By The River (34 votes)
Andrea Ross: Rain In The Garden (26 votes)
Erin Prais-Hintz: Garden Party I Do (24 votes)
Mary Harding: First Spears Of Spring (21 votes)
Lisa Cone: California Native (19 votes)
Jessica Stoops: Beach Cottage (19 votes)

Special Guest Choice (my husband Dave - I thought it would be interesting to get a guy's point of view) and Marsha's Choice:
Jennifer Justman: Pandora's Box
Lisa Martin: Prettiness

2 Winning Finalist Palettes from Round 1:
Catherine Pruitt: Into The Night
Kim Roberts: Island Hues

During the first week these new palettes are for sale (as soon as they are updated or June 26 through July 1, 2012) anyone that purchases a palette from Round 1 or Round 2 finalists gets an entry for a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Gift Certificate to my Etsy shop.
1 bundle = 1 entry.
2 bundles = 2 entries.
3 bundles = 3 entries.
And so on...

Each of these winners gets to pick out their favorite Silk Color Palette (10) 2mm Silk Knot Bundle!
Thanks to all that entered (more giveaways to come!!!)
Bonus Drawing #1 = KayzDesignz (social media sharing blog commenter)
Bonus Drawing #2 = Lee Koopman (submitted palette random winner)
Bonus Drawing #3 = Erin Prais-Hintz (voter appreciation random winner)

SO ~ What's next???
1. Purchase silk knot bundles for projects, giveaways, promotions, etc.
2. Create and photograph projects using these silk palettes (round 1 and 2 all apply).
3. Blog or share those photographs about the projects and your inspirations.
4. I will be hosting some design challenges/ blog hops around things you make with these silks so you can show off your stuff!

Need some inspiration for projects?
Check out Beading Daily's Blog Hop in celebration of Lorelei and Erin's book:
Bohemian Inspired Jewelry
Where you can see 30 artists find inspiration from the book to create their own finished jewelry, including one of our Finalists for Round 1 and Round 2, Erin Prais-Hintz:
Erin Prais-Hintz "Garden Love" Project: Bohemian Inspired Blog Hop
PS - I saw Erin Prais-Hintz blog hop post for her "Garden Love" project (a version of Lorelei's "Ocean Love" project), it seriously made me get all teary with how awesome her color palette works with the beads and her use of my Porcelain Flower Pendant.
(I have a thing for magenta tones. My grandma taught me to draw that style of flower while growing up. Chloe loves purple & I have now taught her how to draw that style of flower. And - this was the first major book that I've ever had stuff in.)

Speaking of which - I still need to get myself a hard copy.
Pdf is ok and all - but there is just nothing like having a copy in hand to flip through...

Thanks again for continuing to support me, my crazy ideas (like this color palette challenge), and my ceramic clay work!

More on my clay work updates to come...

Individual palettes for Round 2 will be here and available for purchase very soon!
And remember, the more of a particular finalist palette that is purchased, the faster they can reach their milestones and win free stuff from me!


  1. So many beautful colours! It's incredible to see all those combinations together - I love that shot. I havent gotten to Erin's post yet but tht sure is spectacular. I just got purple highlights just for kicks so those shades are on my mind too

  2. It's on thing to look at a flat color palette and quite another to see all those gorgoues silks grouped together in a bundle! Each bundle has its own charm, its own mood. I'm so glad I took part in this challenge. I'm doubly glad because I won the random drawing! And very proud that my palette made it into the final round.

  3. I agree that it is pretty exciting to see my color palette come alive! I really am enjoying participating in this. Thanks Marsha for creating this.

  4. I'm so excited. Thought mine was one of the top 8 there for a minute and then I saw your note. But still, lots of great palettes. Had seen Erin's post, but will re-check it. Thanks.

  5. I love that your grandmother taught you how to draw the flower and you created something so beautiful with it! I also love that you are passing this artistic knowledge on to your daughter-what a beautiful tradition!

    Can't wait to see the winning palettes in your shop!

  6. Oh Marsha! I am so very excited, seeing them in bundles of silks is just incredible! I love all of the palettes and am so honored that your husband chose mine! Thank you so very much for hosting this challenge, playing with these colors is so fun... and playing with pretty colors in your silks is even better!


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