Friday, June 22, 2012

Round 2 Palettes And Glitch

First - Thank You so very much for submitting and voting on and sharing these first phases for the Round 2 of my Silk Palette Challenge.

Last night at midnight when the voting closed - somehow Natalie Alexander's palette (the only one that did not have a URL attached to it - disappeared). 
What the heck? I love and hate technology sometimes - don't you?!

Natalie was able to send me a copy of her palette mosaic:
Natalie Alexander's Baby Yawns Palette
There were 15 palettes total, and Natalie holds first place with 51 total votes. 
And I'm not sure if I can get her palette image back up there.
I can see it in the behind the scenes gadget, and have tried everything possible that I know of - except to delete then add again, but even that might not work because the gadget is "closed" and it might mess up the voting.

So anyway - I am working on pulling the top 8 voted for (which is actually the first seven on the voting post + Natalie's). I also have my choice, special guest picker and the 2 palettes from Round 1 winners: Kimberly Roberts and Catherine Pruitt.

Winners will all be announced soon!

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