Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chloe as Disco Elf

Here is something very cute from Office Max called Elf Yourself. My sister April send us one last year with one of Chloe's pictures. So we've continued the tradition with 5 Chloe faces this year. Enjoy Disco Christmas Chloe!

Here is a link to make your own:



  1. Oh so funny, and a little disturbing! What would a super hip teenage Chloe of the future say to that!?

  2. Hopefully we'll have ones from every year so at Christmas time or her Birthday time - we can bust them out in sequence to see how she's grown up... it'll be SO funny...
    She'll probably be making her own videos by that point... hopefully not the XXX kind... I'll kick her little elf butt if she does!


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