Friday, December 19, 2008

Decal Pictures

Here is my favorite picture of the new decal pieces that I'm working on.

I am working on using my actual drawings, photographs and computer altered things. 
The latter being things such as the above round pendant on the left - those things that look like flower heads are actually pictures of small red berries that I played around with in my photo/draw program.

I really enjoy doing stuff on the computer, but feel like I get sucked into it at times, and that my life gets away from me. I've got to learn to limit myself...

Here are some pictures of the decal pieces after the kiln firing. There are grouping of birds (Chickadee and Dark Eyed Junco so far), flowers and other abstract things:
I've been trying hard to keep with my own drawings and altered images. Sometimes it is hard though when I just want something done and don't want to sit and fool with drawing something out (like a line of insects...). Maybe I'll just have the staple lepidoptera, odonata, orthoptera, hymenoptera, coleoptera ... (butterlies/moths, damselflies/dragonflies, grasshoppers, bees, beetles...). I hope I got those names right - it's been a while!

This next picture is a step in the water slide decal process. I've printed and cut out the decal, and put them into water to remove the paper backing. Then I put the decal on to the glazed surface, squeeze out air bubbles, let dry, then fire it in the kiln. 
The iron oxide in the ink from the laser printer transfers to the glazed surface and becomes part of the glaze - so it will never scratch or rub off.

Oh, the possibilities.... So this is where my line of work is heading... Tucson this year will be interesting with all this new stuff!

It's great to be experimenting again!

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love these pendants!!! Will you be posting them on etsy?

  2. Thanks Lorelie! I will be putting some up there on Etsy. I am not exactly sure when though - maybe before Christmas, maybe right after (depends if I can squeeze in the time to get the pictures... although I may just put them on the flatbed scanner - which is faster).

  3. These are so special! I've been wondering how they look and hold up (the transfer process). So lovely!

  4. Hi Marsha!
    Well could you keep me posted? Or maybe save a few for me? Could you email me and tell me the price of them also? I'd like to purchase a few maybe after Christmas.
    I love the birds, and double drilled rings... and all of them really.

  5. These are wonderful! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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