Saturday, January 3, 2009

Etsy Showcase - Decided to give 2 of them a try!

Accessories Showcase and Supplies Showcase for 1/3/08

I took this picture today and used a cropped version of it as a sample for my Etsy shop to show people that I can put a simple wire wrapped bail on their piece, as well as what the piece looks like on a silky strand (Silky Ribbon #55 Golden Brown with BC-M-BANA pendant). I've put a handful of the new decal pieces up onto my Etsy shop (flowers and birds).

I sure hope that things start to get easier to put stuff up there - and they probably do if you have pieces that you can make that are similar. It's a lot of work to get started....

I also finally, finally got my small test kiln to run - it's been out of order since Aug/Sept - what a pain that has been... Hopefully it will run again for a few more years without issue. Having the extra kiln will allow me to run some more tests along with getting ready for Tucson.

So a few things off the to do list.... Yay me!!! 

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