Monday, May 11, 2009

Step By Step Wire Jewelry Summer 2009

I just got my copy of Step By Step Wire Jewelry magazine in the mail today.
It's the Summer 2009 issue...

My friend Gaea has a beautiful necklace on the front cover!

Some of my new porcelain decal pieces are featured in the "Product News" section (page 54) by Sara E. Graham, Assistant Editor.

And I've had some people emailing me about them.
I don't quite have a catalog for the decal pieces - not sure if I really want to start a production line of them like I did with the textured pieces. It becomes a potential burnout situation for me... I'd rather work with you on making something unique and special!

So here is a quick breakdown...
Some images work better on particular shapes and sizes of my pendants.
So this means there is a bit of limitation with what I can make (with what I want to make really... it's got to have a certain look to me or I just can't bring myself to keep making it).

My shapes are the same as my textured pendants.
The pricing is just $2 more per piece due to the additional time to work with the decal and the extra firing...

So if you want to order any of the pieces shown in the picture above from the magazine, you can email me the following "code" to

Starting with the upper left pendant and going clock-wise:
Wasp Decal Image - D- Pendant = $20 retail
Wasp Decal Image - N - Pendant = $16 retail
Flower Drawing 16 - G - Pendant = $20 retail
Chickadee Drawing - F - Pendant = $12 retail
Tree Drawing - Med Oval - Pendant = $16 retail

The flower image is the only pendant that has an image on the one side only. The image wraps around to the back of the piece. The other 4 have the same image - or another one on the back. If you want the same, you can email me that you want it that way - or I can surprise you with another image that works with it on the back which makes it reversible.

I also have a bunch of my decal pieces in my Etsy shop with wire wrapped bails and a silky ribbon for a necklace for anyone that wants something ready to wear! I'm all about making things simple at times...

Make sure you pick up your copy of Step By Step Wire Jewelry for some great project ideas and inspirations!!! It's a great place to jump start your creative juices!!!



  1. Most excellent! Congrats on the magazine mention. I love the bee - hadn't seen that one before. My fav so far is your tree drawing, although I am holding out hope for a moth or butterfly...

  2. Hi Marsh! Thanks for the mention! Your pendants are just awesome! I was just showing my Mom the issue and got to get all braggy... "HEY! I know her!" Love the bee!

  3. I love them! Keep up the good work!


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