Monday, June 1, 2009

Bead & Button Booth #521 (Coupon Too)

This year for Bead & Button Show we've moved our booth to a little more front and center.

Booth #521 is where you can find us:
Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled.

Here is a quick picture of one of my new pieces - my shards...

This one I've turned into an earring by wire wrapping it and putting a few Vintaj pieces layered on the side that is usually towards the front.

They are all quite different in shape and size since the process of making them is rolling out one small clay ball at a time...

There are lots of pendants at the show - textured and my porcelain decal pieces.

I've got some new glaze colors that will be available.

I have plans on being at the show on Thursday for the preview night from 4-8pm and on Friday during the show 10am-6pm as long as things work out as they should! Then I'm homeward bound on Saturday because more than a couple days away from Dave and Chloe and I become totally miserable.

So I hope to see you there!

OOOHHHH.... and for those of you making purchases at the show...
Here is a little something for you!

When you make a purchase of at least $40 from Marsha Neal Studio at the Bead & Button Show (2009), use your receipt number as a discount code through July 31, 2009 to receive 20% off your purchase through Just put the receipt number in your message to me when you place your order, and I'll adjust the shopping cart for you.

Happy Shopping!!!
Travel Safe!

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