Monday, November 30, 2009

Winners from Sale Announced

A day late of course...
But here are the winners of the three drawings from my Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale:

Thanks to the help of the toy version of my husband: Pirate Dave
(how funny is it that we found a toy version of him - and a pirate too - argh... see previous post for old picture of Dave as Pirate).

Sorry, that Chloe couldn't help out this time...
We had a super busy weekend, and before I realized it - it's Monday morning and she is off to school (didn't even look back at me twice as she ran into her teacher's arms and then happily played with her friends - it was music time then art!!!)

Ok, so here are the three drawing winners:

Buy a Marsha Neal Studio porcelain pendant from a Bead Shop, Online Store or D7 Studio and contact me:
Winner gets Grab Bag valued at least $50 retail:
#1 Donna Pincus

Newsletter Special Shipping Code:
Winner gets Grab Bag valued at least $50 retail:
#4 Megan Arndts

$50 Spender:
Winner gets Grab Bag valued at least $100 retail:
#3 Jennifer Judd
I have a list of names, wrote the numbers next to them, and pulled blindly from our handy ice bucket for each drawing... And I apologize for not taking the time to write out everyone's name, but for some reason (like 5 weeks to go before my due date???) it is taking me FOREVER to get things done.

Congratulations Donna, Megan, and Jennifer!
Thank you EVERYONE for shopping during the sale...


  1. Love the mini pirate and congrats to the winners! Only 5 weeks to go. How quick that seems. I know you must be so tired right now and getting ready for Christmas on top of all that pregancy brings. Best wishes for health and especially peaceful rest over the next few weeks. Hugs, LeAnn

  2. I got my treats and absolutely love them!! What a wonderful surprise! Best of luck with Baby #2--hope all goes well and you have the best Christmas ever!


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