Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lists growing...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at your to do lists?

Sometimes I have multiple lists with so many sub categories... It feels like I'll never get anywhere. Lists that have to do with every aspect of my life...

I've got daily lists, Riley lists, Chloe lists, studio lists, house lists, Marsha lists (like don't forget to shower - seriously - and things like, shave today or it will be another week until you have enough shower time to fit it in), long term lists for house and garden, and so much more...

Recently (say since right after having Riley) some things have been able to come off my "life" list.

My putting off weight loss, eating heart healthier and exercising daily has ended. I'm getting better at trying to do these things. I want to feel healthier so I can do more with and for my little family unit (that does include me in there - I'm doing it for me too).

And with my cholesterol being high, now is the perfect time for me to get going with a healthier lifestyle... People do it every day, so why can't I? I can be one of "those" people can't I? And still endulge once and a while (and not every day like I have been)...

So no more stuff like this peanut butter with confectioners sugar & cream cheese flitch (Dave's Italian grandma used to make this - hence the 60lbs I've put on since dating, then marrying him)...

We'll see how this goes... Wish me luck! And good luck to those of you on a similar journey!!!

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  1. lists upon lists...sometimes my lists spawn other lists...and sometimes they flutter out of books and off piles and from pockets. i am a lover of lists and i am perpetually crossing things off and starting new ones. stickie notes are my favorite office supply.
    and those treats do look irresistable. i think i gained 5 lbs just staring at them!
    enjoy the day!

  2. Lists, lists, and more lists. I have lists coming out my keister. And eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight are on one of those list. But just gimme the peanut butter goodies, alright!

  3. so very much to juggle - always! and it seems like if you just take a bit of time for yourself, you are adding to your lists... it's frustrating for sure marsha... i think that the focus upon health vs. jeans size is crucial... trying to care for ourselves shows that we value ourselves... i am no talking about 6pack abs here, just wellness... good luck in all...

  4. I like the stickie on stickie routine, appt book, then stickie then a stickie on that stickie, then cross outs and erasures, then arrows and more stickies. I am old so I have excuses.. lol jt


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