Friday, March 26, 2010

Sometimes A Little Gets You Started

I just buckled down and started to get the studio into a place where I can maybe actually work...

I had some clay slabs that got too hard to use back when I was pregnant with Chloe (3 years this summer - yikes!) that I decided to break up and put into the dry clay reclaiming buckets. +2 square ft of table space earned, yay!

Things have just been piling up on my slab roller table, which is my main work table for makind stuff and glazing...

And now, things have been shifted around, put away and I've got some room to get some work done when I find a fleeting few minutes.

Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone - as I feed and burp the baby and type one-handed... Got to love these phones!


  1. aaah - that looks terrific!
    and i am so happy for you that you have found a bit of time to clear out... it is hard for the first few months - you are right, only the very basics get done... but as everything is temporary and babies/children change, little bits of time free up... i could feel the relief in your last post and the joy in this one...
    i am glad there are kids around that come and play... and your patio looks terrific! if the kids didn't have grass stains, they at least had pants and hands covered in colorful chalk!!
    you are doing great - managing it all is not easy!

  2. So glad you are carving out some time for you... between feeding the baby and typing one handed! I can relate. My studio is out of control. But I will be reclaiming it next week too!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. What is it about slab rollers, anyway? Mine is always full of stuff that could have a home else where (does have a home). Glad you are making a little space and time for yourself. But babies, are only babies for such a very short time. I wonder if you can type, press clay, and feed the baby simultaneously?

  4. Wow! You are multi-tasking talent for sure, Marsha! I know I will not be able to even attempt to do half of what you get done when I have my baby!


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